Monday, December 19, 2011

Cat Attack!

He stole my spot yet again on the couch... and acted like he was there for HOURS....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Back to Blogging

It has been a long time since I blogged. Between graduating from law school, taking the bar exam, and moving, I was too busy to get anything done on here. Now I am in the new apartment, working on drafts for shows almost every weekend, and waiting for the bar exam results. It is not the perfect time to blog!!!

Recently I got into making cards more than before. Mainly because I now have a craft room!! I'm so excited to have a room devoted to me. I use it for crafts and for office work! As a result, I was able to spread out my card "crap" and have been making lots and lots of new cards. I currently have about 55 waiting for new homes. Hopefully thin October 15 craft show will be a place where several of these little guys find a new owner.

This was just a quick update to show that I will be trying to blog much more regularly!

Happy crafting!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well, a week has passed and a winner has been picked. Over the past week I received 28 comments and 21 new followers! Thank you everyone for following and promoting the giveaway! Since I received less than 50 new followers, the prize is a chicken egg in any color with a floral design!

A winner has been selected my the winner of a floral chicken egg in a color of her choice is....



A new follower and a great blogger! Congratulations to Aulani!!! I will be contacting you through your blog. If you see this you may also email me at (subject line EGG WINNER)

Thank you everyone for participating!!! Keep checking out my blog for new giveaways, promotions, Shop features, and more!!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Giveaway Challenge!!

It's time for a Spring Giveaway!!! I will be giving the lucky winner a scratched egg from my shop! The egg will be floral, and the color will be chosen by the winner. The winner will receive a gift box and wooden stand for the prize egg!

How to gain entries:
** You can enter in an unlimited amount of times!!! **
Here's your options:

1. If you are not yet following my blog, follow my and comment on this post that you are a new follower.
2. Post this blog post on your facebook and put in a separate comment in the post with the link.
3. Tweet this blog post on your Twitter and put in a separate comment in the post with the tweet link.
4. ALSO if you send someone who follows the blog and they put in their comment your name that you sent them, you will get an additional entry.


If I get over 50 followers, I will upgrade the egg to a goose egg with flowers all over it.... in sugar plum!

Let the games begin!!!!

This giveaway will last one week! I will post the winner after the week is up.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Made it Market - April 2 Show - Glass Lofts

The show went pretty well!!! As promised I took some photos of the show. I did not have the opportunity to take pictures of everything, but I will try to take more next week at the next craft show.

Yesterday went well! I got my display up quickly and I think it looked pretty good if I do say so myself. I invested in a couple new bird displays. I like how the colors and heights are all different but still compliment each other nicely. My next goal is to find some nice bowls to sell sets of eggs together in.

There was diverse
artists with some WONDERFUL items! From weaving newspaper plastic bags into rugs, to leather work, woodwork, and wonderful jewelry, I enjoyed being among these wonderful crafters!

The crafter next to me had some fantastic reworked jewelry with a Gothic and vintage feel. Her displays were wonderful! I had fun talking with her during the day and eying her items for something to buy myself as a prize next week.

Not only were her items
lovely, but I had the pleasure of seeing a fantastic crafter's loom! Sher takes the plastic bags your newspapers come in and weaves them into rugs! She can even point out every newspaper with it's proper bag based on the bag's color. I find that amazing. She receives donations from individuals from out of state as well as local donations! It's great that she is part of a movement to recycle and reuse materials that so often are trashed, creating excessive pollution. She will be at another festival at the end of April for crafters who reuse and recycle in their craft! I hope to attend in order to see all the wonderful crafts as well as shop for some items of my own!

Another girl makes hair clips out of keys from old computer keyboards. Items too old for current use, but without an easy recycling process, such equipment lands in good wills or dumpsters. She takes this unwanted materials and makes a cute and useful accessory any trend setting person would love to own!

I need to grow out my hair in order to buy
one of these! It's a goal :)

Some wonderful fabric artists were also at this event.
I found a great array of fabric purses, great for the Spring hanging and ready for purchase! I wish I had a partner in crime at the show so I would of had time to run around and purchase items with the money I made at the show. Sadly, I was on my own. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise, because I wanted so many items. Even I items I did not have a chance to photograph.

Here are a few other photos of great items and displays from the show:

Friday, April 1, 2011

Crazy Busy!! Craft Show #1 Tomorrow

Most of you know already, but in case you didn't, tomorrow is my first of three craft shows this month! Each show will get larger and larger. Tomorrow's craft show has 20 vendors. Next week's has 30 and the final week's show has over 50 vendors selling crafts!

All these shows will be Spring themed. I hope my eggs will be well received at each show. I worry about being prepared and making enough sales to not be disappointed with the time I put in on preparation.

I have three different kinds of eggs for this show. First, I have the traditional scratched eggs you have seen on here countless times. Also, I have wax "drop and pull" eggs made by my mother. Finally, I have a new technique. Eggs dyed with a plant or flower pressed against the shell. The effect is that on a pressed look with surrounding color. I will post photos of them soon. In addition, I have cards and earrings to sell.

The cards I hope to make a big hit with. I have 24 now, maybe 30 before the day is over. Earrings did not do so well last show, but I am confident I will have some interested buyers tomorrow. Rob made several pairs of earrings, and he does a much better job than me. :)

My main concern about the craft show is not having enough items, but rather, having everything I need. For example, I do not have my containers organized yet. As a result I do not have all my price signs together. The ribbon and scissors are missing and the wire for making cards into ornaments is not where it should be.

It is all a matter of gathering together. I am a good gatherer, but I also want to craft a few last minute items tonight. Looks like I will have to "hire" Rob to do some gathering work for me. I'll have to pay him in quiche... though he made all the quiche :P

Wish me luck tomorrow! I'll be sure to update! Hopefully with pictures! Oh... better remember the camera!

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Name is Christine and I Have a Problem...

A craft supply problem that is...

Last week I took pictures of my egg crafting area. It may not be state of the art, but I think it looks respectable. I decided to take pictures of my second crafting area for fun. This turned out to be a disaster! I found it impossible to clean up!

Why may you ask?

I have a craft supply addiction. I get a paycheck
, and within 24 hours I am begging to go to a Michael's Craft Store... Thankfully I do not have a car, and I rely on my boyfriend who refuses to take me most of the time.

However, when I do make it to a craft store, it is impossible for me to leave without making a purchase. I look for great buys and sales. Every time I find some unbelievable sale, at least in my head. Even though I try to use the items I buy, my craft area continues to expand.

See for yourself...
Pretty bad right? In my defense, this is not all my fault. No... It's my mother's. She reads my posts, and I feel it is important to point the blame on her.

My mother is a crafter herself. She has a much larger area dedicated to her projects. She was and is involved with so many projects and organizations where her projects are useful. However, her involvement cause myself and my sisters to be very creative. In addition, we had unlimited items for crafting as kids. It is only natural to expand from that starting point.

So mom, this is ALL YOUR FAULT! (but I'm glad, because it's a lot of fun)

I normally clean this entire area so she never sees the crafting area in full force. This will be her first time seeing it. And I guarantee a phone call from her tonight. Oh well, it was worth it.

Want a close up?

Since I am placing blame today. I blame my eldest sister Mary as well. She crafts gorgeous items (CHECK HER OUT)

Why is she also to blame? She and I give each other items we think the other would enjoy. However, she also gives me stuff she may have too much of. I LOVE IT!!! And she has great taste! But, you see the pictures... I have a problem :P :P
What to d, what to do. I think I will go shopping if I have a successful craft show and see what is on sale. **NOTE** MOM... this does not mean I don't need craft supplies.... i totally do!!! :P LOVE YOU!

Here is a new card just made in this mess of a craft area!

I am so lucky to have a creative and sensational mother and sister. Both have helped me with building this madness. But most importantly, they helped me to have fun crafting and creating. Whenever I get a little bit of ribbon or paper in a care package from my mom I am overjoyed! The possibilities of what I could make on a card makes so happy and ready to dive in.

Though I am a student first, having this unorganized sanctuary has helped me not hate the boring and tedious of law school.

Anyone else have a messy area and too much stuff to craft with.... but wouldn't want it any other way?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Made it Into the Martha Stewart Blog!!!

After being taken out of the Martha Stewart magazine, they Put me into their craft blog! Check it out!

So excited!!

Let's hope that people look at the blog on the Martha Stewart website... :) :)

Treasuries Made by the Hectic Team!

Treasuries are becoming more and more important on Etsy. They are now one of the most used marketing tools. A curator picks items from favorite shops, team members, or items that conform to a preconceived theme in the curator's head. The items are arranged and given a title.

After completing a treasury, the curator as well as the seller whose items were picked, try to show off the treasury. You may have seen people advertise treasuries on Facebook, blogs, Twitter, and the like.

Today I am showing of treasuries made this week by the Helping the Hectic Etsy Team! Members have either made treasuries only featuring items from team members shops, or made treasuries for fun with a specific theme!

Here are a few:

Materials of Spring
Spring Fever
Relaxing in a Hectic World
Friendly Critters
Semper Eadem

Hope you enjoy these great little numbers! Please click around and comment!

Also consider joining the Helping the Hectic Team. There are no harsh requirements. Instead, we are a group of people who love Etsy but are also busy with school, work, life, and the like.

A major goal is to help one another with questions. No one is too new of a seller or too seasoned to be part of this team. And above all, no one is too busy! You will not get kicked out for not participating is weekly challenges.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome to Egg Central Station

Welcome to Egg Central Station! Above you will see the numerous eggs, most dyed and ready fro action, with several also etched and waiting for a home. Here at Egg Central eggs are continually emptied and dyed. The goal is to have as many colors available as possible to etch. All sizes and kinds of eggs are made available in the egg purchasing process.

During this tour of the Egg Central Station area, I will explain some exciting information of the egg process. First, eggs must be purchased. The grocery store is a great place to start. For more exotic eggs, local farmers as well as the internet can provide additional resources. However, the most purchased etched egg is the traditional chicken egg.

As a result, when a sale on eggs occurs, Egg Central Station launches its egg
procurement forces...

The state of the refrigerator is one of egg domination! Though several dozens have already been emptied and consumed, there will be many more quiche to go before returning to a non-egg dominated diet.

As eggs are emptied and consumed (we try our best NOT to throw away eggs needlessly)
new colors are added to the egg army at Egg Central.

All eggs stay together in order to keep in mind what color is running out and what color would next go best with the current tenants of the egg cartons.

Though Egg Central is a small station, production stays at a steady 3-4 eggs nightly. However, when the Card Making Factory, a sister company to Egg Central, is in full swing, some production decrease can occur.

Efforts have been made with the head organizer of Egg Central to boost the reach of Egg Central's products. Craft shows in Pittsburgh as well as North East Pennsyl
vania has made this production shift into overload. In the next 4 weeks or so, Egg Central will be cranking (hopefully not CRACKING) out eggs for over 5 shows!
Speaking of cranking out eggs, Easter is soon coming, making this the most important time of year for Egg Central! The Easter Bunny will soon need eggs for decoration, gifts, fun, and more! To stay with the spirit of the season, Egg Central has its own MASCOT!

Not quite the Easter Bunny, but excited for the work, Sir Didymus is the symbol of fluffy fun here at Egg Central! She hops all over the place, excited to be a part of the egg production. She sometimes forgets her floppy ears at home, but we are glad to have her as a part of the Egg Central Family.

As time moves closer to Easter, the eggs will continue to move from the food stage to colored to the final etched stage!

**Most packaging materials are packed away daily in order to keep the residual munching from Sir Didymus to a minimum.

Thank you for visiting Egg Central Station and We hope you had a lovely tour!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Eggs Eggs Eggs!!

I have been using ever minute of spare time scratching eggs! Some new designs and some old! In the next two weeks I will have 2 craft shows here as well as 2 to 3 in my home town. In other words I will have to mail half my inventory home to my mother who will be selling for me there as well.

This is exciting, because Etsy is a little slow right now. I hope to make so
me great Easter sales instead at the shows. However, I am behind... I have over 50 eggs created, but I have a sneaky feeling that dividing that in two and over 5 shows will not be enough.

I planned for this however. If you have been reading, you'd know I bought
about 25 to 30 dozen eggs when they were on sale! Here is round 2 on that buying frenzy:

I also have 5 dyes going at once right now, red, blue, lilac, golden wheat, and patina.
I hope to star a mushroom soon. Last night, Rob (boyfriend) and I bought 3 more pairs of tongs to hold the eggs in the dye. Hopefully that will make the dying process go a little faster.

Right now my fridge is filled with eggs. We ate 4 quiche so far, and will be making another round of them in order to get me some shells without wasting the egg. I should take a photo of my fridge so you can see what I am talking about.

My goal is to get 4 eggs done a night in addition to card making and h
omework. I lucked out and a paper draft that would have been due tomorrow has been extended until next Tuesday. Thank God!

I hope to be able to send 3 dozen to my mom and still have at least 3 dozen for myself as well.

Also I have cards to make. I
wonder if people would rather see Spring themed cards or more Birthdays and thank you cards. I never know how to gauge themes of cards people may want.

I will also be working on ideas for advertising online as well as in Pittsburgh. I currently am toying with the idea of advertising on facebook with a paid ad. Has anyone ever tried it? If so, what are your thoughts? Anyone advertising online somewhere? Any thoughts?

Wish me luck on the egg crafting adventure! I'll post more as I get more done. For now, Here is a new egg design or two I did this weekend and love! All are for sale on my Etsy Shop!

Thanks for looking! Have a great day! And as always, comments are appreciated!

coupon code TNKS25 for 25% off as a thank you for reading my blog!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Versatile Blog Award!

I've been given the Versatile Blogger Award by Inessa from Prittyfy Handmade Jewelry, unique handmade jeweler from ETSY as well as an active and valued member of the Promotional Frenzy Team. Inessae is a talented crafter and her listings are always a pleasure to see!
I am truly honored Inessa gave me this award and my deepest thanks goes out to her!


*Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post.
*Tell 7 Random facts about yourself.
*Pass the award on to 15 new found bloggers.
*Contact each blogger you want to pass the award on to and let them know you've done so, and let the giver of your award know you accept it.

RANDOM Facts About Me
1. I love Pride and Prejudice so much I read it over 5 times and own over a dozen (one from the late 1800s)
2. I am a sucker for old tv shows like Three's Company and Bewitched
3. I have an entire closet door dedicated to coffee. I love coffee to the point of using it as decor in my apartment.
4. I own every song Billie Holiday ever sang
5. I playe violin, saxophone, and clarinet - and years ago I thought I would be a professional musician
6. I am addicted to scrapbook materials - especially flower embellishments and stamps! (this is why I opened my other shop Allthingseclectic
7. I currently have over 20 dozen egg sin my fridge to blow out to make more etched eggs for this Easter... wish me luck!!

To spread this wonderful Versatile Blogger award, below are 15 blogs I find amazing and will be passing this award onto. Please check them out!! THANKS
1. Pieces of Home Designs -
2. Linda B. -
3. 42things -
4. The Clever Kitty -
5. PulpSushi -
6. Little Eye -
7. AnnaSkates -
8. Creative Corner Designs -
9. Art of Amy -
10. ElfRenee -
11. Miss Meghan Elizabeth -
12. Marcenz -
13. Petite Hermine -
14. Biji Bijoux -
15. YarningAbout -

Please check out these awesome blogs and shops for a great experience! Who knows, you may find something you can't live without!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

New Day and New Eggs

I found that if I blog more often, I think I will feel better about my progress in my Etsy shop regardless of a drop in expected sales. I more designs I come up with the happier I am. I no longer am just repeating the 3 dozen or so designs I have been doing for years, but now in addition I am trying new styles to scratch.

Recently I scratched this cute blue bird about to fly off a branch. I was so pleased with him, I am now trying to find new bird designs I can use to attempt to place on an egg.

I have so far five colors ready to dye. It's Red, True Blue, Patina, Lilac, and Golden Wheat. I hope to do a Mushroom or something else as well in the near future!

Good news! I have over 30 dozen eggs in my possession! I bought about 35 dozen in the grocery store this week because of a wonderful sale they were having! Now, We are at quiche count 4 and will be making more this weekend I hope.

I will have to post again with some quiche recipes were have been using and pictures of the quiche we made. It's a yummy perk to egg scratching!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Helping the Hectic Feature!

Here is the first feature for the "Helping the Hectic" Etsy team!

Nickala Best is a bio-chemistry student using crafting as her stress relief! Her items are wonderful and a great shop to check out for Spring! Here is some insight into a new and wonderful craft shop working studying and crafting 24/7!

1.Where do you get your
inspiration from?

Magazines, clothes, the internet, people watching at university/the city (this one is my favorite!)

2. What is your age:

20yrs old

3. What is your shop(S) name:


4.Do you only sell on etsy or do you go to
craft shows as well Only on etsy

5. Is there an item you have made that has significant meaning to you and why.

Anything that I make for Nammar (my grandmother) as she has such an ecclectic and intersting style, I love making crazy combination things for her, and she fully appreciates a one of kind hand made item.

6. How did you first get the idea to make what you are making now?

I have just always made th
ings. Jewellery, clothes, I've even attempted furniture. I don't think I can pinpoint a time when I got the idea.

7. Do you ever change your “craft style”? Example jewelry to ceramics?

I've changed my style over the years, and so my craft has followed that. I used to use a lot of beads when I was younger, now I prefer to use different
metals and fabric and ribbon and things that I find.

8. How do you feel about buying and selling handmade items

Everyone should do it! Not only do you get something awesome and unique, more often than not its of a much higher quality and you are supporting someone who is doing what the love.

9. What is your favorite material to work with?

There is a big variety. Ribbon, metal, fabric, I really love my glue as well. I've also just discovered sculpy, and it's very quickly gaining favour!

10. How long have you been in your craft?

Forever, but only selling on etsy since 2008.

11. What is one message you would like to get out to the world about what you do?

That it is one of a kind, and no one in the whole world will ever have one like it again. That it is something truly unique.

12. Do you have a “day job” and if you do… what is it?

I am a Biochemistry and Chemistry student, moonlighting as a bed linen saleswoman.

13. How has your work developed throughout the years?

I include more materials, and am better at coming up with ingenious solutions to getting something to stay where it should!

14. Did you ever feel like giving up before you got to where you are today?

With etsy, definitely. Between university and work fitting even a small amount of making in is soo difficult, sometimes I just couldn't make it

15. How do you feel when people interpret your work differently than you?

Excited! Makes me wonder 'why didn't I think of that'!

16. What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

The hard work is rewarded when you see someone excited to have something you've made. Totally worth it.

17. Who first inspired you to begin crafting?

All the women in my family, who are the most creative nut jobs I k
now. Never, ever a dull moment with any of them and you couldn't ask for a better bunch of women.

18. Do you have a space for your work area or do you craft anywhere?

At my desk when I clear up the textbooks. It's in a lovely sunny corner of the house.

19. What are your favorite childhood memory involving arts?

Running around my grandmothers work and looking at the nudes, my Mum making a horse letterbox, and my brother and I sitting down to make trum
pets and pirate ships out of toilet rolls and egg cartons. And there are sooo many more...

20. What does your personal style (living space clothing ect…) Reflect anything you make?

My personal style definitely, I don't make anything I would wear/use myself.

21. Do you have any sales coming up?

I'll have a 21st birthday sale! May 16 only, 50% off!

22. What are your favorite shops on Etsy?

Oh, I don't want to pick! Some I love to look at are GothFoxDesigns, TaylorSays, wickedminky, UntamedManagerie

23. Do you have a blog, Twitter, Facebook Fanpage?

I have a recently created facebook!, I would love to see everyone there! Thanks very much for the interview!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Good and Bad News!


I have been featured on I Made it Market! in a video explaining how to etch eggs. Check out the video HERE . Please LIKE the video and comment if you can! I would appreciate it!

The video explains a little on how to actually etch eggs as well as how I personally got into the craft.

You can also see several of my eggs!

Now for the Not so great News


Martha Stewart took me out of the April Edition magazine. I was asked over two months ago to send them eggs to be featured in their great finds section. I worked hard to get them what they needed while I was going through finals and paid a lot of money to insure the items and get them mailed next day delivery. The editor did not see it important to inform me until the magazine was already published and received by some people to tell me I cut cut because of lack of room.

The crappy thing is I spent every day of those 2 1/2 months preparing my store for sales. I also agreed to not chnage my prices, making me not want to make any price changes until after the date I agreed to.

In short, I feel that I was contractually bound with Martha Stewart Living and they reneged on their agreement with me. I felt crushed and just wish they would have told me earlier when they actually decided to cut me so I wouldn't have wasted so much time preparing for this magazine release.

So, for anyone I told I would be in the Martha Stewart Living Magazine, I'm sorry for the let down, but they did not tell me until after people already started receiving the magazine. They confirmed my spot months ago and affirmed it with emails and a basic contract, but then threw it all away.

I hope to get in one in the future, but I now wonder how many other pople they screwed along the way.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Eggs and Big Ideas

Easter is coming quicker and quicker. Any egg crafter will tell you that the preparation for Easter is harder and stranger than any other holiday. Most people are excited for the coming of Spring and the end of the hectic Christmas season. Several crafters are settling into an easy paced routine but most are not over exerting themselves.

Not the egg crafter! This is our Christmas! Now is the time for new colors, new designs, different techniques, and producing many many eggs! Now is the high productivity mode where one design should be made in several colors and it couldn't hurt to make the design in the same color a few times as well.

I and so many of egg crafters are bu
sy bees right now, balancing life, the coming of spring, lets not forget Spring Cleaning, and the constant production of Easter eggs.

I have been working on some new colors and designs lately. I hope to break out some "Golden Wheat" eggs today (I took the day day of to study for an exam, clean, and etch several eggs!) and then a new color, perhaps "Mushroom."

Here are some of my newly added creations:

This is my M.C. Escher egg! The fishes fit together up and down just like one of M.C.
Escher's works of art. I have a lot of fun making this egg, and it always seems to go on a duck egg better than a smaller chicken egg.

This is my geometric egg I made up while at a show. I hope to make it in blue and purple before the Easter season flies by.

Now that I feel the need to make new designs for my shop I am not sure what designs would be best received. I find so many people like flowers, but the traditional designs also draw a steady crowd.

I wonder if people would want to see more modern designs like dog faces, scenes, and other more modern designs that are rarely seen on egg art.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a new design? A new color? Maybe you would want to see a different flower, like a hyacinth or Bleeding Hearts. I appreciate all comments and feedback to help me branch out more and more during this Spring Easter preparation!

As always, thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Esty Newsletter and One Year Anniversary

Well two things I would like to post about today!

ONE - It was my one year anniversary on Etsy on February 19, 2011!

TWO - I made it onto the Etsy Newsletter for February 21, 2011!


I was so excited to find out that I was going to be on Etsy for an entire year! No
t only was I happy that I have been a part of the online selling community for a year, but I was also so excited to discover all I have learned as well as grateful for all the people I met.

In true, one year anniversary form, I would like to thank all the people who helped me get this far!

My mom has helped me in more ways than I can express on this blog! She has provided me with packing supplies, materials, egg dye, eggs, ideas, support, and so much more. She checks out my shop and sometimes knows I made a sale before I do. Withour all the help she has given me, I don't think I would have been able to run my online stores while in law school.

My sister Mary has taken me on numerous shopping escapes for craft ideas and items and talks with me on the phone weekly. She gives me ideas, support, and sadly the desire to go to craft stores daily. I am lucky to have such a creative sister who can help
me grow my creativity!

My boyfriend Rob. This guy not only makes earrings for my craft shows, helps me a
t the shows, and lets me steal his car, he is always there as my support to help me get through tough days. He also is my business manager and talks me out of some bad business ideas. Also, he makes sure I don't sell my work short. Sometimes I feel my art isn't wanted and I try to cut prices to where I wouldn't be making any money, and thanks to Rob I haven't revisited that technique in awhile.

Family - My family in general understand how insanely curious I am to try new things, and I'm so lucky they never tried (too hard) to stunt my desires to break into a new craft. I cross stitch, knit, crochet, etch eggs, make cards, and jewelry. In the end, I love every craft I have ever tried and sometimes wish that it would be my sole profession. Regardless what I end up doing in life, I'm glad I got to try everything crafty I wanted to try so far... quilting... hmmmm I want to try quilting!

Etsy Newsletter

After my anniversary came and went, I as a little bummed I did not make it to 100 sales or 1,000 shop hearts. However, my sadness was gone when I saw on the Etsy Newsletter 1-21-2011 my etched egg! I got views, hearts, and even a few sales! I hope the sales and hearts continue as Easter approaches.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you check out my shop sometime!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Helping the Hectic Team Launch

On Etsy I found that more often than not, people are juggling responsibilities, such as jobs,, school, families, and so much more as well as running an Etsy shop, or even several Etsy shops.

While getting to know several working crafters, I also found out that time management was a major problem in some form for all these hectic working people. From regular listing, making time for crafting, making time for cleaning, as well as promoting were all popular concerns.

I began to wonder what best would help as many working crafters as possible. At first I would share my personal situation and tips I have learned or gained from others. However, I realized so many people have great ideas in some areas while needing help in others. What would best help such busy people gain help in the area they specifically need in order to do well in life as well as Etsy?


I decided to create a team for the busy Estian. Helping the Hectic Team will allow anyone to join who wants to get and give tips about balancing work/school/life with Etsy. You can post your concerns and ask for help in a specific area and people with similar concerns will be able to come together and deal with that area, helping out several people at once.

It will also be a support group! The team is only a day old, but already I feel close to several people because they are dealing with the same problems as myself. In looking at comments, I think others are gaining this relief as well.

Also, this is a wonderful avenue to use in order to help one another promote. We will do team BNRs in time, treasuries, promotion days, blog features, and more. However, because the main reason for this team is because people are busy, the requirements will not be as strict as other teams.

The bottom line of this team is an aid for everyone. We can help ourselves through helping others! In addition we can gain views and sales at the same time, while also gaining friends.

I'm very excited about this team and cannot wait to see you there!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Soup Recipe for a Cold Day

Here is a wonderful soup for a cold day! The best cream based soup from Olive Garden. Making it yourself is easy and saves you so much money in the long run. If you have a SlapChop or some version of it, making this soup becomes an even bigger breeze!


Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana

1 lb. Italian Sausage

2 lg. Baking Potatoes, sliced in half, then in 1/4 in. slice
1 lg. onion, chopped
1/2 can Real Bacon Bits

2 cloves garlic, minced
2 Cups Kale or Swiss Chard, chopped
2 cans Chicken Broth

1 quart water
1 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream

Cook sausage in a 300 degree oven, about 1/2 hour, drain on paper
towels and cut into slices.

Place onions, potatoes, chicken broth, water, garlic in pot and cook
on medium heat until potatoes are done. Add sausage, bacon,
salt and pepper to taste and simmer for another 10 minutes.
Turn to low heat, add kale and cream. Heat through
and serve.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Successful I Made it Market! Weekend!!!!

I want to thank the I Made it Market! people for allowing me to be a part of their two events on February 11 and February 12!! Both craft shows were a great success and not only did I have fun and make some sales, I met some wonderful crafters from around Pittsburgh.

I Made it! Original on February 11, 2011 at Pittsburgh University had a great crowd of crafters as well as a wonderful student turn out! I myself broke down and bought wonderful coconut bath bombs and vegan citrus lipbalm.

I Made it! Mine on February 12, 2011 was a different event in an open house of a new apartment building complex. I was positioned in an apartment's living room with a silk screen artist as well as a jeweler. Tim (artist) and Florence (Jeweler) were the best room buddies I could have asked for. I hope to feature both on my blog in the near future!

Tonight is my final show for a while. It is for the Love of Friends Pittsburgh and will be held at the Space Gallery in downtown Pittsburgh from &pm to 10pm. I hope to see some familiar faces as well a sell some eggs!

Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Introducing Yourself On Tape - What to Say in Self Promotion!

Recently I was given the wonderful opportunity to be videotaped talking about my egg craft as well as demonstrating it. It will be on a Pittsburgh craft website as a series of introductions to local crafters in the city.

When starting the process I thought I would have no problem, that I could natur
ally speak in front of the camera and the process would go by so quickly and smoothly I wouldn't even break a sweat. Boy was I wrong!

Not only would I freeze in front of the camera, I would get down on myself for not saying the right thing or stumbling over m
y words. I wanted to make the video perfect, but at the same time I didn't think it necessary for me to dwell on the tapping until the day had arrived.

I decided to share some tips I was given by the wonderful women working with me that day in order to help anyone else who ever has to deal wit
h preparing to either speak to a group about their crafts, get videotaped, or even just to talk to people while at a craft show.


1. Make sure you talk about yourself! - When I started talking I assumed all people cared about were my eggs. However, this is very untrue! People want to know
about YOU too! They want to know why you make your craft, how long you have been making it, why you do it, how it makes you feel, how you make the time, and anything else you can think of! People really want to be able to put a face to the craft item they may buy from you. To remember you and talk about the artist with others when showing off their purchase makes the fact it was handcrafted all the more special.

2. Talk slowly - I realized I can talk a mile a minute, and it may sound perfect to me, sometimes others are still trying to put together one sentence I said while I'm finishing up the next. I was told to pause after two or three sentences. It forces you to slow down and allows people to really understand everything you are saying.

3. Make eye contact - Whether you are being videotaped or talking with people, eye contact is important. Make sure to take the time to look at who you are talking to. If you are demonstrating a craft, stop for a little bit to explain what you have done. If possible, letting people touch your project also connects them more with what you are making. I realize this can't happen with all crafts, but sometimes even having a reject item for people to handle is a great substitute.

4. Think about it in advance - One of the most important things to do it to thi
nk about the interview or just possible conversations that may arise at a show. Think about answers to questions like how long have you been crafting, what do you love best about it, and so on. Make questions you think people will as, or if you are doing an interview, ask what kind of questions you can expect. The more you think about it and practice answering the questions out loud, the better you will be when the time comes!

I hope this helps out. I find that more and more people are shy (like mys
elf) though they are secretly outgoing, and their crafts reveal that. However one of the best promotional tools we have is talking to others ourselves. Word of mouth can only go so far, it's your mouth and what you say that will best aid your sales and image people have of you!

Monday, January 31, 2011

CRAFT SHOW In Pittsburgh!!! I Made it! Original 2-11-2011

In Pittsburgh next weekend there will be several opportunities before Valentine's Day to but your loved ones some wonderful handmade items to show your unique love!

I Made it Market is a indie handcraft organization that works with local crafters in order to both help self business people as well as share handmade items with the public. February 11 and 12, 2011 are two opportunities to see artists from Pittsburgh and make special purchases as well as have fun!

I Made it! Original is February 11, 2011 from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm at the University of Pittsburgh several vendors who make different items like knitting, felting, soaps, scents, jewelry, metal art, paintings, and more will be displayed and sold. Crafters will have Valentine's Day items as well as Spring items! Come on over and look for birthday presents, Mother's Day presents, Easter presents, or just presents for yourself!!!

I Made it! has information on all crafters who will be there. Click on the link and go to the artists button for the February 11, 2011 show!

I will be there! If you mentions the blog I will give 10% off an egg purchase you make!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Funny Valentine!!!

Here is another fun treasury! The fun and funny Valentine's Day items! Not the traditional roses or hearts. These items transcend the ordinary! I got a kick out of looking for these fun items! Please click on the picture and check out the treasury! THANKS!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wonderful BNR Treasury for Tonight!

Here is a fantastic BNR treasury for Etsy that will povide you with not only wonderful deals for a little light shopping, but also a great way to pomote your own items and sales!

So come along and check out the BNR, shop some, and sell some too!

Click on the picture below to be linked to this wonderful opportunity to meet sellers and see some fantastic items!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cards in the Making

It's the love season! Valentine's Day is coming and everyone is searching for the sweet sentimental gift! Even though my eggs are more for the Easter, I have a few Valentine's day eggs for sale. However, my second shop AllThingsEclectic is selling OOAK hand made cards!

I am trying to add more to my shop, but currently I am not home during the day when it is best to take pictures. I find I have to leave all photo taking until Saturday and Sunday when I don't have school or work.

Here is my newest Valentine's Day card for you to check out!

This is a heavier card, but I love the layers and sparkles!

Maybe a bell is more Christmas-y but it works with this card. The silver glitter works well with all the shades of red and pink!

This was an ornament but I like how it works on this card! The L is turned into "Love" and makes a great focal area!

Thanks for looking at my newest card! Hopefully I will have more cards to list and share with you soon!

this card is for sale on my website for 5.25

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Treasury Challenge

Dreamy Creamy Treasury! Click on the pics and comment around the treasury! Great items! Thanks for looking!

** If you comment on here and on the treasury you will have a chance to get into the next treasury I make this week!


Working to get on the front page! Thanks for your help!

Flowers from Dad

This past semester at law school was the best I have had so far. Even with all the problems and hurdles I finally had a good result. As a result, my dad did something unexpected and extremely sweet! He sent a bouquet of flowers to work! I had no idea that he would do it and the trip home was definitely interesting on the Pittsburgh bus.

Here are some pictures of the awesome bouquet he sent me. So far it has been almost a week and the flowers are still going strong!

I love the Spring feel these have! Gerber daises and roses along with many other special flowers :)

Thanks so much for looking!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Weather!

A Day to be INSPIRED!

Though I want nothing more than to bask in some heat, Mother Nature seems to have different plans. Winter piles itself on the ground and trees all around Pittsburgh. And even though I was hoping to gain inspiration from the pastels of Spring, the frosted whites of winter still possess a beauty I cannot fight against. Here is some inspiration from Winter that has grabbed me:

Even in the extreme cold, colors pop out from the white. With some tweaking, they can look fabulous!


T love finding the hidden colors under the blankets of white! It almost takes away some of the chill!

I hope you get inspired today by the snow and cold and make some warm crafts or art of your own! The possibilities are limitless!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Shop of the Week - SENSORYFELTEDS!

Presenting a Felter I find to be superb in all aspects of life....

** Check out her etsy shop and read on for a wonderful insight into her world!!!

Here is a fantastic shop I think everyone should check out and get to know! Connie (shop name SensoryFelteds) She creates lovely unique felted bowls, brooches, and more!

Not only does she felt, but all the items have the additional sparkle of beads and bling!

(to the right is Connie's felting area... even the stoarge area looks crisp and bright! There is no way to create the items she does without a smile on her face I am certain of it!

Here's a little bit about Connie:

She began as a dancer, teacher, performer and choreographer. She has been involved in all sorts of crafts like knitting and pottery

Now she wet and needle felts. She has won awards for this wonderful craft!

Connie is a Movement Therapist and works at a school for the deaf here in Maryland. She works with children with disabilities doing yoga and movement activities.

She is a happy grandparent and a beagle!!!

I spent some time in her shop and fell in love with her items and the fact that she has such an interesting life that flows into her crafting... Did you know an item of hers made it into Peacefelt2010? She worked on and "mailed to another felter in New Zealand. This piece was photographed and mentioned in an international felt magazine

Look at how adorable Connie's youngest grandson is! What bright faces the two of them have.

Also check out this cool wall hanging that incorporates her felting... she sent it to me and a seriously considered using the picture as my laptop background.... so beautiful!

Check out some more items in Connie's etsy shop!