Friday, March 25, 2011

Treasuries Made by the Hectic Team!

Treasuries are becoming more and more important on Etsy. They are now one of the most used marketing tools. A curator picks items from favorite shops, team members, or items that conform to a preconceived theme in the curator's head. The items are arranged and given a title.

After completing a treasury, the curator as well as the seller whose items were picked, try to show off the treasury. You may have seen people advertise treasuries on Facebook, blogs, Twitter, and the like.

Today I am showing of treasuries made this week by the Helping the Hectic Etsy Team! Members have either made treasuries only featuring items from team members shops, or made treasuries for fun with a specific theme!

Here are a few:

Materials of Spring
Spring Fever
Relaxing in a Hectic World
Friendly Critters
Semper Eadem

Hope you enjoy these great little numbers! Please click around and comment!

Also consider joining the Helping the Hectic Team. There are no harsh requirements. Instead, we are a group of people who love Etsy but are also busy with school, work, life, and the like.

A major goal is to help one another with questions. No one is too new of a seller or too seasoned to be part of this team. And above all, no one is too busy! You will not get kicked out for not participating is weekly challenges.

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