Monday, January 31, 2011

CRAFT SHOW In Pittsburgh!!! I Made it! Original 2-11-2011

In Pittsburgh next weekend there will be several opportunities before Valentine's Day to but your loved ones some wonderful handmade items to show your unique love!

I Made it Market is a indie handcraft organization that works with local crafters in order to both help self business people as well as share handmade items with the public. February 11 and 12, 2011 are two opportunities to see artists from Pittsburgh and make special purchases as well as have fun!

I Made it! Original is February 11, 2011 from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm at the University of Pittsburgh several vendors who make different items like knitting, felting, soaps, scents, jewelry, metal art, paintings, and more will be displayed and sold. Crafters will have Valentine's Day items as well as Spring items! Come on over and look for birthday presents, Mother's Day presents, Easter presents, or just presents for yourself!!!

I Made it! has information on all crafters who will be there. Click on the link and go to the artists button for the February 11, 2011 show!

I will be there! If you mentions the blog I will give 10% off an egg purchase you make!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Funny Valentine!!!

Here is another fun treasury! The fun and funny Valentine's Day items! Not the traditional roses or hearts. These items transcend the ordinary! I got a kick out of looking for these fun items! Please click on the picture and check out the treasury! THANKS!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wonderful BNR Treasury for Tonight!

Here is a fantastic BNR treasury for Etsy that will povide you with not only wonderful deals for a little light shopping, but also a great way to pomote your own items and sales!

So come along and check out the BNR, shop some, and sell some too!

Click on the picture below to be linked to this wonderful opportunity to meet sellers and see some fantastic items!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cards in the Making

It's the love season! Valentine's Day is coming and everyone is searching for the sweet sentimental gift! Even though my eggs are more for the Easter, I have a few Valentine's day eggs for sale. However, my second shop AllThingsEclectic is selling OOAK hand made cards!

I am trying to add more to my shop, but currently I am not home during the day when it is best to take pictures. I find I have to leave all photo taking until Saturday and Sunday when I don't have school or work.

Here is my newest Valentine's Day card for you to check out!

This is a heavier card, but I love the layers and sparkles!

Maybe a bell is more Christmas-y but it works with this card. The silver glitter works well with all the shades of red and pink!

This was an ornament but I like how it works on this card! The L is turned into "Love" and makes a great focal area!

Thanks for looking at my newest card! Hopefully I will have more cards to list and share with you soon!

this card is for sale on my website for 5.25

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Treasury Challenge

Dreamy Creamy Treasury! Click on the pics and comment around the treasury! Great items! Thanks for looking!

** If you comment on here and on the treasury you will have a chance to get into the next treasury I make this week!


Working to get on the front page! Thanks for your help!

Flowers from Dad

This past semester at law school was the best I have had so far. Even with all the problems and hurdles I finally had a good result. As a result, my dad did something unexpected and extremely sweet! He sent a bouquet of flowers to work! I had no idea that he would do it and the trip home was definitely interesting on the Pittsburgh bus.

Here are some pictures of the awesome bouquet he sent me. So far it has been almost a week and the flowers are still going strong!

I love the Spring feel these have! Gerber daises and roses along with many other special flowers :)

Thanks so much for looking!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Weather!

A Day to be INSPIRED!

Though I want nothing more than to bask in some heat, Mother Nature seems to have different plans. Winter piles itself on the ground and trees all around Pittsburgh. And even though I was hoping to gain inspiration from the pastels of Spring, the frosted whites of winter still possess a beauty I cannot fight against. Here is some inspiration from Winter that has grabbed me:

Even in the extreme cold, colors pop out from the white. With some tweaking, they can look fabulous!


T love finding the hidden colors under the blankets of white! It almost takes away some of the chill!

I hope you get inspired today by the snow and cold and make some warm crafts or art of your own! The possibilities are limitless!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Shop of the Week - SENSORYFELTEDS!

Presenting a Felter I find to be superb in all aspects of life....

** Check out her etsy shop and read on for a wonderful insight into her world!!!

Here is a fantastic shop I think everyone should check out and get to know! Connie (shop name SensoryFelteds) She creates lovely unique felted bowls, brooches, and more!

Not only does she felt, but all the items have the additional sparkle of beads and bling!

(to the right is Connie's felting area... even the stoarge area looks crisp and bright! There is no way to create the items she does without a smile on her face I am certain of it!

Here's a little bit about Connie:

She began as a dancer, teacher, performer and choreographer. She has been involved in all sorts of crafts like knitting and pottery

Now she wet and needle felts. She has won awards for this wonderful craft!

Connie is a Movement Therapist and works at a school for the deaf here in Maryland. She works with children with disabilities doing yoga and movement activities.

She is a happy grandparent and a beagle!!!

I spent some time in her shop and fell in love with her items and the fact that she has such an interesting life that flows into her crafting... Did you know an item of hers made it into Peacefelt2010? She worked on and "mailed to another felter in New Zealand. This piece was photographed and mentioned in an international felt magazine

Look at how adorable Connie's youngest grandson is! What bright faces the two of them have.

Also check out this cool wall hanging that incorporates her felting... she sent it to me and a seriously considered using the picture as my laptop background.... so beautiful!

Check out some more items in Connie's etsy shop!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making Your Mark - Signing Crafts

When a artist finishes a work of art, the final touch more often than not is to sign the work. Picasso, Van Gogh, and Rembrandt always signed their completed works. The same should be true today with any artist or crafter. A work is never completed until it is signed.

Signing a craft not only personalizes it for the person who purchases it, but it always allows for extended promoting after the craft is sold and with its new owner. Though today the business card takes on the job of speaking for the artist when he or she is not there to take credit for a work, the business card falls short of always staying with the object itself. A person may lose the card, place it somewhere else, or simply decide not to keep it. Signing the object itself always keeps the artist with the product.

Today, it is important to take pride in one's work. No matter how small or simple you believe your work to be. Taking pride in your work not only makes you more excited with your finished product, it also adds a special feel for the purchaser.

It is also important to date the item you created. You easily provide the purchaser a remembrance of when they purchased from you. If the item becomes a present it also helps to aid the recipient's memory of when they received the present.

All items should be signed. Even if you think your item cannot be signed without ruining it, take a good look at the item, most likely, there is a place perfect for your John Hancock.

How to Sign Difficult Items:

Knitting - Use an embroidered piece of fabric and sew into the inside or corner of the item. Even if it is something like a scarf, a sewn initials piece of fabric is not a nuisance for the purchaser.

Cards - You can either invest in a personal signature stamp or buy "handmade by" stamp for sale in several craft stores, then sign your name. People love to see that the card they bought or received was made by a real person, and was not picked out at Hallmark.

Ornaments or small figurines - Underneath the item, use a small pen to write you initials or shop name.

Miscellaneous items - Try to look at you item to find an area that would either been unseen or out would nor mar the overall look of the item. Use wither your initials, name, or shop name.

In the end, signing your work, is a most important step to take before deciding your item is complete. You provide addition promotion, remain connected with your work, and add importance to this handcrafted item.

People appreciate seeing signatures for the sheer fact that that signature is proof the item they bought was handmade by someone, and not a mass produced item. Instead, they own something completely unique and special.

When you finish your next creation, make sure to place your signature on it. Take pride in your work and attach the mark to pove what you made is one of a kind and special to whoever buys it.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Photo Layout - Spring Brights!

Now that its time to work on Spring listings I decided to work on my photos for eggs. I needed something lighter than my past pictures that have a lot of black and white in them. Instead, I though it would be great to incorporate the Shabby Chic element of a dusty white. I used white birds and a glass jar of different eggs:

What do you think? I tried my best not to lose the egg in the busier background. Any suggestions to make this better?

The Key to BRIGHT Photos:

I realize how difficult it is to not only change up your current photo style for Etsy listings, but also to change it in a way that benefits you most for the current season. Take my attempts to brighten my photos for Spring... Now that the dark reds and rich greens of Christmas are slowing ceasing, it is time to embrace the lighter more pastel colors of Spring.

One way to do this is to all white and light to your photos. I added shabby chic birds and the light colors of eggs to my photos. I also took the photos only when a lot of light is shining through my window. In addition, I used a sprig og berries to add some dimension, color contrast, and a feel of Spring to the layout.

It took me several tries but I was satisfied with this final product. Even darker eggs pop well with this bright surrounding theme:

In the end, I think this is an effective theme, that is versatile for many shops.

In the end:

Keep it light
Keep it bright
Keep it simple!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thought of the Week #1

And it's time once again to get moving with something. Spring seems far away, but it right around the corner in the salesman's head.

Now that 2011 has come, snowflakes and icicles are a thing of the past even though it is still freezing outside. The thought of little chicks, pastel, bunnies, and the beginning of new life floods my head.

Today's Thought of the Week

1. Start earlier than you think.

Now is the time to start posting for Valentine's Day and Easter! People want to look at items and mull over ideas in their head before purchasing. You will lose business thinking it is okay to post in a couple weeks. People have a hard time making quick decisions when it comes to internet purchases. They think, "Do I really like it? Or am I buying it just to buy something?" "Will I receive it in time?" "Maybe I'd like it more if I could customize it a little."

All these issues cause shoppers to second guess and you... lose the sale! Posting items now allow people to think about your item, question you, ask for a small change, or even ask you to make more if you have only one of an item and someone needs more. I found early postings allow for parents who want one for each child to contact me in time to make that request.

The sooner you list the better chances you have! Also if items sell you have the opportunity to relist them. Who knows, you may have the next best thing in your shop and EVERYONE wants it! Wouldn't it be great to have it out on the market longer?

So today's moral is to list earlier than you think. You have to think about the way you and the majority of people shop online, and time os of the essence!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Easter is Coming!!! New Poll!!

The eggnog drunk, presents ripped open, and Christmas cookies reaching their end, it is time to focus on the next big season.... SPRING!

While the weather thinks about warming up, I am getting ready to thaw out my egg shop, making it brighter and greener! With new pictures, new colors, and new designs, Etched Easter eggs will be ready for people to buy to give to loved ones as Spring takes the limelight.

New colors for the shop will be Raspberry, Plum, Dark Forest, Pink, Patina, and so much more.

What colors would you like to see in my shop?? What egg colors would be more interesting for you?

I hope to have more pastel colors in the shop as well as a lighter, whiter background combination. Feedback from followers would be greatly appreciated!