Friday, September 10, 2010

Wonderful Craft Club - Please Check Out and FOLLOW (Giveaway this week!!!)

TWAG is a wonderful craft club full of artists who make some wonderful one of a kind works of art.

My sister in fact is a member of the elite team!!!

This week of all weeks they are trying to gain new members and are going about it a wonderful way! FRIEND/LIKE THEM ON FACEBOOK and follow other instructions HERE for other ways to get entries into a giveaway.
The giveaway is free items HANDMADE from members of the group!

I can't wait to see how many people they get from this wonderful event!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Newest Obsession - SWAP-BOT!

I discovered through etsy friends online a new website where you swap any number of things through e-mail or snail mail in order to make new friends, get little goodies in the mail, etc.

SWAP-BOT is this wonderful site where you can do anything from sending a handmade card to someone on the other side of the world to swaping homemade soup recipes in the mail or online. Not only do you receive great little goodies without spending much, if any, money!

The site is pretty advanced in the fact that it allows people to rate their items/e-mails they receive so to weed out people who sign up to receive and not give the same level of effort as others. In addition, if you make an extra special effort people can comment and give you a heart... with extra special thanks so people know how much you love doing the swaps!

Don't see something you want to join? Well make a swap for yourself! There is an option for people to create their own swap. I saw one a couple days ago where people swaped magnets from the fridge!

Also you can make your profile so detailed in order to get people to understand your personality, like and dislikes in order to ensure your goodies are in tune with your personality! Even if you don't like everything you get, you can use it to reswap in the future

It's a wonderful free site to join! Not only do you get little goodies, possible penpals along the way, but also if you are a crafter you get another tool to market yourself! I have included my business card in my swaps and hope in the future people will get to know me through the swapping!

Check it out... maybe one day you'll get a swap from me!!!!