Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Eggs and Big Ideas

Easter is coming quicker and quicker. Any egg crafter will tell you that the preparation for Easter is harder and stranger than any other holiday. Most people are excited for the coming of Spring and the end of the hectic Christmas season. Several crafters are settling into an easy paced routine but most are not over exerting themselves.

Not the egg crafter! This is our Christmas! Now is the time for new colors, new designs, different techniques, and producing many many eggs! Now is the high productivity mode where one design should be made in several colors and it couldn't hurt to make the design in the same color a few times as well.

I and so many of egg crafters are bu
sy bees right now, balancing life, the coming of spring, lets not forget Spring Cleaning, and the constant production of Easter eggs.

I have been working on some new colors and designs lately. I hope to break out some "Golden Wheat" eggs today (I took the day day of to study for an exam, clean, and etch several eggs!) and then a new color, perhaps "Mushroom."

Here are some of my newly added creations:

This is my M.C. Escher egg! The fishes fit together up and down just like one of M.C.
Escher's works of art. I have a lot of fun making this egg, and it always seems to go on a duck egg better than a smaller chicken egg.

This is my geometric egg I made up while at a show. I hope to make it in blue and purple before the Easter season flies by.

Now that I feel the need to make new designs for my shop I am not sure what designs would be best received. I find so many people like flowers, but the traditional designs also draw a steady crowd.

I wonder if people would want to see more modern designs like dog faces, scenes, and other more modern designs that are rarely seen on egg art.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a new design? A new color? Maybe you would want to see a different flower, like a hyacinth or Bleeding Hearts. I appreciate all comments and feedback to help me branch out more and more during this Spring Easter preparation!

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. I think the geometric shapes could be kind of fun to play around with. Make them abstract.

  2. Sounds like a very busy time of year for you! I love your MC Escher egg - very cool! And I've always loved Bleeding Hearts, so I think that would be a great design element for your eggs. :)