Monday, April 1, 2013

Once Easter Ends... the Dust Bunnies Get Evicted

Time for Spring Cleaning!

Now that Easter is over, it's time to get full swing into cleaning out the house!  This being my first home and my first Spring cleaning, I am oddly excited.  Everything from Dusting the ceiling fans to washing windows it exciting me (until I start doing it I am sure).  But first, a plan must materialize:

First things First:

The Plan:

- Finish all laundry, fold and put away
- Iron remaining items
- Store away all fall and winter clothing (space saver bags)
- Empty out cupboards of food and supplies
- Throw out old outdated food
- Vacum and wipe shelves
- Put away food
- Wipe down counters and mop kitchen floor
- Clean bathrooms, including drawers and cabinets
- Clean the toilets and tubs, mop bathroom floors)
- New sheets on bed and store away flannel and fleece (winter) bedding
- Find misc. items under beds and in closets. Either find homes or throw out or donate
- Go through books and movies, donate unwatched movies and unplayed games
- Clean windows inside and out
- Wood clean floors (kill all dust bunny armies... leave no survivors)
- Personal Goal: Empty all items from unused master bedroom and clean room to the point of having the ability to purchase the bed set for this room with tax refund.

The Timeline:

Although this looks like most lists people have online, the timeline is always key.  I hope to have this all completed in under 2 weeks.  Starting today with the laundry and iron to dos, we shall see how I progress.  It is almost impossible to fulfill these goals exactly how you want, but if I can get 2/3 of the items done on this list I will be one happy camper.

As it is, the dust bunnies are taking over and frankly, I think my one cat was taken prisoner.

Wish me luck, and good luck to everyone and their cleaning goals this spring!!