Monday, March 7, 2011

Good and Bad News!


I have been featured on I Made it Market! in a video explaining how to etch eggs. Check out the video HERE . Please LIKE the video and comment if you can! I would appreciate it!

The video explains a little on how to actually etch eggs as well as how I personally got into the craft.

You can also see several of my eggs!

Now for the Not so great News


Martha Stewart took me out of the April Edition magazine. I was asked over two months ago to send them eggs to be featured in their great finds section. I worked hard to get them what they needed while I was going through finals and paid a lot of money to insure the items and get them mailed next day delivery. The editor did not see it important to inform me until the magazine was already published and received by some people to tell me I cut cut because of lack of room.

The crappy thing is I spent every day of those 2 1/2 months preparing my store for sales. I also agreed to not chnage my prices, making me not want to make any price changes until after the date I agreed to.

In short, I feel that I was contractually bound with Martha Stewart Living and they reneged on their agreement with me. I felt crushed and just wish they would have told me earlier when they actually decided to cut me so I wouldn't have wasted so much time preparing for this magazine release.

So, for anyone I told I would be in the Martha Stewart Living Magazine, I'm sorry for the let down, but they did not tell me until after people already started receiving the magazine. They confirmed my spot months ago and affirmed it with emails and a basic contract, but then threw it all away.

I hope to get in one in the future, but I now wonder how many other pople they screwed along the way.


  1. I was very upset to read that your work won't be featured in Martha Stewart! It's really their loss, not yours. Things shouldn't have been handled that way, and I could only imagine what you're feeling right now.

    Also, I loved the video... especially since I wondered exactly how you do your eggs.

  2. Those jerks! So sorry you didn't get in but maybe it's a blessing in disguise, keep your chin up and keep doing awesome work!

  3. Oh, how disappointing! I would have been pretty upset too.

    But on the bright side, great video! I thought it was very interesting and informative.

  4. That's horrible! You can't do that to people! If there weren't room for you that's sad but okay, but they had to at least tell you about ut. That is just rude.

    I visited your shop for the first time only a couple of days ago and I LOVE your eggs. I don't really have the time to watch the video right now but I will absolutely do it later. :)

  5. Oh Christine - this makes me so sad. I'm so, so sorry this happened to you! Your work is beautiful and you don't need Martha Stewart to know that! :)

    Don't let this get you down - just keep etching, keep getting featured, keep making videos, and keep your chin up!