Monday, March 11, 2013

Easter is Coming - Egg Time!!

Time to get cracking... hm... poor choice of words....

Now that I'm out of school, working as a lawyer, and in my first home... (updates on those to follow in the next few weeks), it is time to get the egg factory underway.

Etsy shop not open this season... Read on for ordering options...

I have been both dying eggs, trying out nw designs, and making sure old standbys are available.  However, because I have so many new responsibilities, my Etsy shop will not be open this season.  Instead I am taking orders at craft shows, my e-mail (, personal request, and store consignments.  Those avenues are already too much for me to deal with.  If you really need an egg or want something special please contact me one of those ways.  I check my e-mail daily.

Recently I decided that my blog has been neglected so long I need to try to make a monthly post about anything.  Maybe I will even clean my house and try a DIY project from Pinterest in order to make it on the site with a photo of my own.

In the meantime, I am signing off with a wish of good luck for all those egg artists out there working away until the end of this month.  I will try to post again before Easter is over!