Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Reading Terminal Market

Sometimes I need to take continuing legal education for areas of law in which I practice or have an interest.   Some of these classes are held in larger cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.  Normally courses that far away have a video portal in other areas of Pennsylvania so attorneys from smaller areas, like me, have an easier time attending these classes.  However, sometimes, that is not an option. 

Yesterday I had a class in Philadelphia.  This is the first time I drove to Philadelphia by myself.  I was lucky enough to stay in a hotel extremely close to the class and right next to the Reading Terminal Market! 
I was extremely excited to see this market and buy fresh cheese, meat, pastry, and more!

I got to the market before it opened.  As a result, I walked around outside and took numerous pictures.  

I finally got in at 8:00 exactly.  The first thing I see is... DONUTS!

Not only were there countless kinds of donuts, but they were making the donuts right in front of you!  I bought a Dutch Crumb Donut.  It was amazing!!! I actually bought 2, but I didn't want to sound too indulgent... Okay, I bought three... 

As I walked around, I saw amazing cheeses and baked goods.  I bought enough cheese to kill a lactose intolerant man.  But he would have died with a huge smile on his face! 

By the way, these Almond Horns, were... TO DIE FOR! I have to find the recipe!

Finally, I found the EGG STAND! 
Fresh chicken eggs of all kinds, colors, and shapes from a poultry farm! 

Unfortunately, I was unable to carry eggs all day in my cooler, but I took a couple photos to remember the awesome stand.  

In the end, I cannot wait to go back to Philadelphia, just for the Reading Terminal Market!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What Do You Do With All Those Eggs???

I realized that most people who do egg art, especially Pysanky, empty the eggs AFTER they complete their creation.  That means, after potentially days of working with this chicken egg, the insides are expelled.  As a result you cannot use the egg for eating. 

This is luckily not the case with egg scratching, at least the way I do it. 

My first step is to select eggs from the farmer or grocery store that I think are the best for egg scratching.  I tend to make sure there are no bumps or grooves on the eggs. 

Once selected, I need to blow out the insides of the eggs.  This means something else as well... 


I will either make quiche, baked goods, scrambles, eggs, or other tasty meals with my eggs.  That way, not only do these wonderful eggs turn into art, they are used for their more common role of food. 

This past weekend, I bought some more eggs, mainly because I knew that my immediate stash of eggshells upstairs were being dyed yellow, pink, or green.  I always seem to think I need more eggshells when I really do not.  I decided to bake my famous Pound Cake. 

I gathered my ingredients, and got to work... 

I did not take a photo of the final product, but I plan on making it again in the near future.  Basically, I dug into it immediately! 

In the end, I am in full egg dying, etching, and baking swing!  More recipes to come.  Maybe I will try my cream cheese, ham, and dill quiche next.  You know, something healthier.  

Saturday, February 18, 2017

All Set Up and Ready to Go!

Today I got my craft room ready for egg scratching this weekend. I have the eggs dyed, the table ready, and I'm completely ready!

I will dye purple and gold today!! I know I already have a ton of eggs here but I think more variety of colors is always best. 

Here is me work station. I kept adding towels to add extra padding. 

Once I get a few more designs, I'll show them off. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Back in the Saddle

Back in the saddle again!

After years if inactivity I am reopening my egg blog!  I am working on my online presence and hopefully this is the start of some great fun.

For your viewing pleasure I took some photos of my most recent new design:

I am trying for more new age style designs. I started carrying around a little journal to doodle egg ideas.  So far about 4 new eggs resulted from this new habit.

Next I plan on taking ideas from some adult coloring books.

As Easter approaches, I hope to get more inspiration. 

I wonder where all these amazing pusanky artists get theit ideas from.

Okay up next.... egg dying: