Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vote 5 and Win!!


My mom, Elaine Luschas, was chosen as a finalist with Martha Stewart Contest for "Best Use of Color" in her Good Egg Easter Contest!

Here's what to do:

1. Click on this link --> Martha's Facebook Page!

You'll need to scroll down until you see this picture:

2.  You'll see that 5 is my mom's awesome drop and pull Lithuanian eggs!!
3.  To the right is a comment bar and you will see several comments from other people.
4. Simply comment for "5" and maybe even make some comment about all the great eggs (especially my mom's eggs of course)
5.  DONE! You just voted for some awesome Lithuanian eggs and helped my mom get one step closer to winning a kick butt contest by a kick butt crafter! Marth Stewart!!!
Be quick... voting ends tonight at midnight!!!
Oh and by the way!!!
Anyone who votes and comments on here that they voted will be put in a drawing for a free egg as a thank you from me!!!
So please vote and comment here that you voted on facebook!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Warm Day Excitement!

Today is one of the warmest days this year for North East Pennsylvania!  I walked during my lunch hour and plan on going to join the YMCA with my sister today. 

Although I do not have a photo update of my egg progress, I am working hard to getting more and more eggs done and orders completed.  I was on a Engagement Retreat this weekend and as a result was not able to focus on any eggs.  I will be working hard this week on several things.  Eggs need to be etched, packages need to be mailed, rooms need to be cleaned up, windows need to be opened to let in fresh new air, and so on. 

When nice days like this happen, thoughts naturally turn to Spring cleaning.  I think when the outdoors begin looking nice, we hope to make our homes reflect that same freshness.  In the winter I burn candles daily in order to imbue the house with pleasant aromas.  Now that Spring is here I want to wash away the winter scents and bring in the floral and fresh smells only Spring can bring.

What is your favorite Spring scent? How do you best start celebrating Spring?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Etsy Update and New Photo Equipment

What Makes a Great Etsy Photo?

Recently I photographed several new egg designs.  Over the past weekend I had two craft shows.  One in Maryland and the other in the Pittsburgh area.  While at each show I made several new designs.  Each one I wanted to photograph and sell on my Etsy shop.

After completing each egg I attempted to photograph inside with a flash.  Each photograph produced a glare that made viewing the egg impossible and unappealing.  Without the flash, the egg color was dark and muddy.  I normally take photos of my eggs outside in natural bright sunlight.  I thought after moving into my house, I would have the ability to photograph wonderful pictures.  Most of the photos you see on my etsy shop occurred on a small porch attached to my apartment in Pittsburgh.  The opposite it true.  With my full time job and busy weekends, I never have time to photograph during the bright light of day outside.

How do I fix this issue and produce more photos like this?

You buy equipment of course!  I finally bit the bullet and bought these two products on Amazon with money I earned from Cashback Bonus!
The CowboyStudio 30-Inch Photo Soft Box Light and the Vanguard VS-82 Table Top Digital Camera Tripod received good reviews for people photographing smaller items.  Check out each product Here and Here.

I will try to use my own lights before investing in light fixtures to use with these items. 

I started wondering if the majority of sellers use items like these to create better photos.  If fellows sellers do something different, what others tips and techniques work best to improve photographs?  How does one make their items pop in a way that they are prime picks for treasuries and the front page?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Blast from the Past and Egg Etching Time Breakdown

I cannot believe that the above link still exists! When I lived in Pittsburgh I was asked by the "I Made it Market" Craft company to make this video.  I remember how nervous I was as well as how many times I swore when I messed something up.
I thought I would post this video because it explains in detail the process of etching an egg with a box cutter.
I am getting ready for a craft show this weekend and do not have much time to post anything.  Instead, if you watch this video you will understand what I will be doing all day long and during the course of this entire weekend.
Many people ask me why I charge what I do for my etched eggs.  The truth is, all the work that goes into these little treasures includes several factors.  Each egg is blown out and sterilized.  Next, every egg is washed with a vinegar and baking soda solution.  That wash helps every egg take on dye evenly.  I dye each egg for a long time to get the richest color possible.  After each egg dries fully, I then start the etching process.  It takes one egg several hours of work from start to finish. 
It is also important to understand that each egg design is different.  Some are more time consuming than others.  Anything that is geometric inherently takes more time.  All geometric designs have to line up in order to look perfect.  As a result, drawing each design must be exact, taking more time. 
How long does your craft take?  What process do you follow in order to finish your works of art?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Treasury Fun on Etsy - How Colors Sell Products

After getting back into Etsy I forgot how much fun it is!  I am in love all over again with treasuries.  The above treasury I made over my lunch break today! 

After making the treasury I started thinknig about how important color is in items.  The more rich the color (even the color ivory and have a richness to it) the more appealing it is to viewer.  I found myself taking items out and replaicing them with more and more rich colored items. 

I found myself wanting to purchase half the treasury list! 

The rule I learned after this was that if you plan to sell items online, especially on Etsy, your items must be rich in color, no matter what color your item is.  I will have to alter my photos I think to conform to this rule. 

Why else do you think people love treasuries so much on Etsy?  Do you think they really boost sales? 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Etsy Shop up and Running in Time for Easter!

I am proud to announce that my Etsy shop Art By the Dozen is once again open!
I have 100+ designs listed in the shop, including different egg sizes and colors!  I even have custom listing options should you want something different than what I have to offer.

Everything in the shop is made to order, so your items are garunteed one of a kind and of the best quality.

I am over the moon with excitement regarding my shop.  My family will tell you, that I am still etching and new designs are always developing.  My next goal is to revamp my photos with a light box.  I am already researching options.  Who knows, m birthday is in a few months, maybe that will be what I ask for.

Here are just a few eggs in my shop!

Now it is an important as ever for you to help me with design ideas and color preferences.  I hope to add at least 10 new designs to this shop before May.  I have at least 4 already because of past posts.  The Scottich Thistle will make 5.  The challenge will be to get 5 more designs AND to photograph them all for the shop before the end of April. 
Any design ideas?  Any general ideas? More flowers? More animals?  I am partial to flowers and geometric designs, as obvious as that may be.  However, I also am starting to love animals, like bunnies, foxes, and the like.  Any thoughts or opinions?  Don't leave me hanging...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Quick Post New Egg Design - Geometric Starburst

I completed another new design a few days ago.  Although I continue to talk about abstract and modern designs, I could not help making this traditional geometric beauty. 

I would liek to take this opportunity to mention that I am selling eggs on Ebay for Easter!
Check out these links:
More eggs may be added.  In the meantime, should you want to see a certain egg color or egg design just comment below and I will certainly try to accomodate for new ideas!
The Scottish Thistle is in the works. Hopefully a picture will be available soon!