Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's that time again! Time to start working on eggs for Lithuanian Festivals!

First we have the 100th Anniversary of the Knights of Lithuanian to be held July 25-27 in Boston!

At the moment I am working on updating my egg collection by first completing past eggs designs, creating new designs, and adding newer colors to the mix. 

This festival is going to focus on the traditional Lithuanian designs from folk designs, folk architecture, and old traditions such as dancing.

As a result stay tuned for new designs such as a lithuanian castle, people dancing, etc!

If you have any design ideas... anything! Someone said hummingbid and it quickly became one of my favorite designs.  Someone else said mermaid, and that too became a great egg I never expected to make but was so glad I did.  Even a kitten playing with a ball of string has the potential to turn into a fantastic egg design! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!