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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

GOALS of this Lithuanian Egg Art Blog

I'm a law student in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

When I have some free time I love to do several types of crafts. One of my more frequent crafting adventures is with egg art from Lithuania. I'm Lithuanian and over the years in growing up my mother showed my sisters and I several different European crafts.

Scratching dyed eggs because my niche. I hand dye draw and etch all different kinds of eggs with numerous designs.

Recently I started trying my hand at selling these eggs online. I realized not many people know about Lithuanian Egg art. Psyanky is the celebrity in egg crafting while different (just as beautiful) techniques exist.

I hope to through this blog and my etsy account advertise and sell these eggs.

With the limited time I have as a student I hope to post eggs created by myself and mom (she does another Lithuanian technique of "drop and pull" wax eggs), and if lucky post histories, how to's, and so on

please check this blog and etsy often and PLEASE PLEASE contact me with any questions, ideas, or anything really. :)


Selling on Etsy


Im a law student in Pittsburgh PA... while studying and surviving law school I also work on Lithuanian eggs that I sell on ETSY!

please check out my store... im trying to promote the crafts my family and I do.

Selling Eastern European (Lithuanian) scratched eggs, and other crafts.

Look at my items, I hope you enjoy them.
I hand select, empty, dye, freehand draw, and scratch these eggs.
Egg types range from small bantam chicken eggs up to goose eggs.

YES! every egg is real and hollow!
These are not wooden eggs.
They have been dyed then etched with a blade.
The technique is very old and a part of my Lithuanian heritage.

My family and I are extremely connected to our roots and engage in many of the traditions and crafts connected with our culture.
Not only do I etch eggs, but I learned how to make Lithuanian straw ornaments and my sister and mother make them on a regular basis to sell as well.

I hope you enjoy looking and shopping on my site and will contact me with any question you have about this almost lost art!


Have a great day!

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