Wednesday, December 8, 2010


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Friday, September 10, 2010

Wonderful Craft Club - Please Check Out and FOLLOW (Giveaway this week!!!)

TWAG is a wonderful craft club full of artists who make some wonderful one of a kind works of art.

My sister in fact is a member of the elite team!!!

This week of all weeks they are trying to gain new members and are going about it a wonderful way! FRIEND/LIKE THEM ON FACEBOOK and follow other instructions HERE for other ways to get entries into a giveaway.
The giveaway is free items HANDMADE from members of the group!

I can't wait to see how many people they get from this wonderful event!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Newest Obsession - SWAP-BOT!

I discovered through etsy friends online a new website where you swap any number of things through e-mail or snail mail in order to make new friends, get little goodies in the mail, etc.

SWAP-BOT is this wonderful site where you can do anything from sending a handmade card to someone on the other side of the world to swaping homemade soup recipes in the mail or online. Not only do you receive great little goodies without spending much, if any, money!

The site is pretty advanced in the fact that it allows people to rate their items/e-mails they receive so to weed out people who sign up to receive and not give the same level of effort as others. In addition, if you make an extra special effort people can comment and give you a heart... with extra special thanks so people know how much you love doing the swaps!

Don't see something you want to join? Well make a swap for yourself! There is an option for people to create their own swap. I saw one a couple days ago where people swaped magnets from the fridge!

Also you can make your profile so detailed in order to get people to understand your personality, like and dislikes in order to ensure your goodies are in tune with your personality! Even if you don't like everything you get, you can use it to reswap in the future

It's a wonderful free site to join! Not only do you get little goodies, possible penpals along the way, but also if you are a crafter you get another tool to market yourself! I have included my business card in my swaps and hope in the future people will get to know me through the swapping!

Check it out... maybe one day you'll get a swap from me!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010



I know I haven't updated in a long time. I started school and will be even more busy than I already am! However, based on the fact I am part of a craft show this Sunday in Pittsburgh, I wanted to write a little bit about egg etching in general.

I thought I would use this entry to give the basics of how to start the process of etching an egg. Where best to begin than to explain how to blow out an egg!?!

In your arsenal you will need:
- A straight pin
- a round file
- an egg pump (this is optional and I will explain both how to blow out an egg with and without the pump)
** there are several types of pumps - for these directions I'll will be using THIS
- a chicken egg without bumps or cracks
- bowl

Blowing out an egg WITHOUT a pump:

1. Alright, now that you have your egg and your supplies, take the egg in your hand. Using the pin poke a hole at the tip of the egg and well as the bottom so you have holes directly above one one another. Be first but DO NOT have a death hold on your egg!

2. Once you have these two holes you will want to make them larger, that's where the round file come in. Line up the tip of the file with the pinhole. Rub the file back and forth between your fingers to file the hole larger until it is the size of the file's width.

3. Repeat this process with the other hole.

4. Now make sure you cleaned your egg so you won't get sick with this step! put your lips on the egg and blow hard (EYES CLOSED) and get the contents out! You may save the contents to make scrambled eggs or bake.cook with immediately if you desire.

5. Run some water (trickling from the faucet) into the egg... shake... and blow out to clean out remaining yolk.

6. Let your egg dry before moving on to using your egg in crafts!


1. You will repeat steps 1-3 from the above directions!

4. using the pump place the circular rubber on the egg with the hoel lined up with your filed hole.Insert the metal pin of the pump into the hole.

5. Holding pump firmly against the egg and holding the egg firmly in palm of hand, pump the handle of the egg pump to empty the contents.
** NOTE ** Sometime the yolk is harder to pump out. Be patient and keep pumping!

6. Run some water (trickling from the faucet) into the egg... shake... and blow out to clean out remaining yolk.

7. Let your egg dry before moving on to using your egg in crafts!

If you have any questions or comments about this process please comment!!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FEATURE BLOG 4 - SoonerDesigner!!!!!!

I'm so glad to present a great paper crafter!!! Her shop has wonderful offers and great original items!!

1. What's your shop name?
2. Introduce yourself (name age and a little info).
My name is Kristina, I'm in my 20's & am a student/housewife.
3. Why do you do what you do on etsy?
I love making papercrafts! I used to have way too much trouble looking for cute greeting cards. The handmade cards in my small town were not good quality & were priced too high, so I started making my own. I received lots of compliments & it was suggested that I try selling them so I decided to give it a shot!
4. When and Why did you join etsy?
I actually joined etsy a year before I started selling. I was browsing a shop while looking for wedding supplies & wanted to ask them a question about their product. Since you have to have an account to send a convo, I created one. In April of this year, we were hosting a birthday party at my house & several people suggested I try selling my cards on etsy which is when I first started using my shop.
5. What have you learned about yourself during your business endeavor in selling on etsy?
I've learned that I (like many other people on etsy) have a really hard time pricing my items!
6. What do you do by day when you're not etsy's soonerdesigner?
By day I'm a mild-mannered student/housewife, but by night I'm a card-making superhero! LOL Really though I really spend most of my day making items for my shop, photographing them, & editing my photos in an effort to improve my shop.
7. What are your thoughts about selling on Etsy?
It's tough, but fun nonetheless.
8. Explain your craft and your crafting style.
My favorite cards to make are bright & feminine. I prefer to make cards that can be given for all occasions. I also include a picture with all of my listings showcasing messages that may be added to the cards to make them occasion-specific. This service is free of charge.
9. What are some of your favorite pieces?
I absolutely love my hand bound envelope books! ( ) I carry one around in my purse for coupons & constantly get compliments about them. As for my cards, my "Vintage Style Clipping" card is definitely my favorite. I love all of the bright colors & the big pink flower. ( )
10. Is it hard to part with your items once sold?
Not for me because I am just so excited that someone else loves them enough to give them to a loved one. It really makes me proud!
11. Explain how you got started in your craft.
I never could find handmade cards that fit my style, so it was out of necessity in a way.
12. What's your working space like?
Mobile. I keep my supplies in art boxes that I move between my office upstairs & my workspace on the coffee table downstairs. I prefer to work wherever I feel comfortable at the time.
13. Is your craft your job or your hobby? (explain)
I guess you could say it's a hobby that I hope to turn into a profitable job. I truly enjoy making my items & would love to be able to earn a living from them.
14. What's your personality and how does that reflect in your craft?
I'm a bit of a mix. (Aren't we all.) I love the classics that never go out of style (pearls, lace, black); vibrant items that fill you with energy; & just enough trendy things to keep you on the lookout for the next big thing. I think all of these things are showcased in my cards. (Classic: ; Vibrant: ; Trendy: )
15. Do you do any other crafts?
I do sew a little, but I mostly stick to papercrafting. Some of my crafts that I hope to have listed soon are altered notebooks & handmade notepad covers.
16. Who taught you to do this craft?
I'm self-taught & constantly learning more.
17. What are some of your favorite shops?
There are far too many to name, but I especially enjoy & .
18. What else would you like to say about anything and everything including yourself and/or your craft?
If anyone likes the style of my items, but doesn't see a card or book (would you rather have pretty papers instead of envelopes fill the book?) that fits their need please do not hesitate to convo me. I love custom orders! Also, if you buy more than 1 item in my shop any additional cards (including sets) ship free!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Time for another shop of the week feature... I'd like to present EDNA!!! A crafter I met months ago when she won a set of my eggs without even trying, and a person I'm honored to present to you!!!!

1. Whats your shop name - Ednabelle

2. Introduce yourself (name age and a little info) - I am 78, born and raised in WV

3. Why do you do what you do on etsy? - Because I really like it and it's important to me to stay active.

4. When and Why did you join etsy? - I joined Etsy 6 months ago. Actually a wonderful Etsian, TheLittleGreenButton, purchased from me through another venue (but we're not calling names), told me how friendly and wonderful Etsy was and invited me to come check it out. I very much liked what I found here and it hasn't let me down. It is a wonderful outlet for my creative side.

5. What have you learned about yourself during your business endeavor in selling on etsy? - I've learned that my hobby is a great way to supplement my fixed income.

6. What do you do by day when you're not etsy's turtleXIII? - I'm an old fashioned gal who cooks and cleans for her family. I have 4 children, 19 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren and a couple of local doctors who all like to spend some time with me from time to time.

7. What are your thoughts about selling on Etsy? - I'm proud to sell on Etsy where the artistic community makes me feel like I also have something valuable to contribute.

8. Explain your craft and your crafting style. - I have a passion for old things and cringe at the thought of throwing any useful away, even if it does need a little love before it can live again.

9. What are some of your favorite pieces? - My favorite offerings are always the re-purposed pieces made from vintage broken parts, like this necklace made from a lonely earring or this necklace and earring set made from a broken bracelet

10. Is it hard to part with your items once sold? - I'm attached to everything I sell since they are the pieces I have collected over a lifetime, but quite a few buyers have sent me a personal note telling me how much they love and appreciate the pieces they've purchased, sometimes with stories of the dear loved ones they remind them of which warms my heart and makes it much easier to let go.

11. Explain how you got started in your craft. - My bio says it best: My name is Edna. I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia. Having grown up during the Depression with eleven brothers and sisters crafting new items from old ones became a way of life for me. As early as I can remember mother had shown us how to use old feed sacks, discarded sheets and small scraps of wood to make our own toys and later our own clothes. I developed a love of found objects of all kinds for the useful and interesting things they could become. Seems no matter what I see ideas begin popping into my head regarding the new life it could take on.

Ednabelle's shop on Etsy is becoming my creative outlet. It is a place where
I can distribute the items I've collected over a lifetime (after all I need
some work space here) and a place where I can find those who appreciate the
items my mind and hands create from the discarded goodies around me. It is a
passion I share with all three generations who have come behind me. My
daughter helps me with the shop. One of my granddaughters, who is a working
mom and student is creating works of her own to sell in my shop to help her
through school. One of my great granddaughters has modeled for me and she
and her brother have contributed many items that are made by eager hands not
yet talented enough for the public - but their time will come. And many of
the vintage handmade items in the shop were made many years ago with the
help of most all of the grandchildren when they were little.

It does my heart good to know the art of thrift and creativity is being
passed along and appreciated in our family and that so many of you are
taking the time to share them with your own children. My children and grand
children alike tell me that just as I have such wonderful memories with my
own mother some of their fondest memories involve crafting with me when they
were growing up. Such a precious thing to pass along.

I've been out of the work force now for many years so Etsy has filled my
days with much more stucture and activity than I have known for quite some
time since none of the little ones are living nearby. My daughter and I now
spend many hours sorting, creating, photographing and listing with a little
packing and shipping thrown in. While you will find some of our created
items in my shop already, you will also find lots of vintage items which
haven't been altered as I attempt to claim much needed work space. I hope
that you will stop in and help us clear this area, then come back for more
of the crafted treasures to come.

12. What's your working space like? - It's a small portable table set rather permanently in an otherwise unused corner of the house.

13. Is your craft your job or your hobby? (explain) - For me it is my passion. It is the thing which takes my attention each day and keeps me moving and alive.

14. What's your personality and how does that reflect in your craft?

15. Do you do and other crafts? - I can't think of many crafts I haven't at least tried over the years. Needlework, sewing and crochet were my favorites until age began stealing both my eyesight and the steadiness in my hands.

16. Who taught you to do this craft? - I am self taught, always learning through trial and error.

17. What are some of your favorite shops? - I never met a vintage or craft shop I didn't like.

18. What else would you like to say about anything and everything including yourself and/or your craft? I love life and I love to live.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Idea

Sometimes I wonder what I should be doing with my life. On the one hand I'm in law school, barely even hanging in there (if that) but I dislike so much of it. I even have a law clerk position, but there too I find little to no interest in the material or issues I have in front of me. I find myself more nervous about what I'm going to do wrong.

All I keep thinking is how did I become so worthless? How did I go from high expectations, great potential, to nothing? While still working hard and not giving up I went from one of the best to someone not fit for anything. I can't understand my life, myself, or my future... because I don't have one.

By tomorrow at this time I should know what I should expect from others via my future or lack of one as a lawyer, and regardless of the outcome, I am still lost.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2nd Shop of the Week justByou


1. Whats your shop name?
Our shop name is justByou. We wanted something that would let us be creative with all the different types of items we offer.

2. Introduce yourself.
My name is Kim, and I've got three great kids who help me in the creation of all our items. I use their ideas and suggestions to create each piece in our shop. We live in Northern California, and we have fun creating and finishing projects together as a family.

3. Why do you do what you do on etsy?
We've made items for people in the past and sold them, and then it was suggested by a customer we try it out online. So that's what we're doing with Etsy, and it's fun. =)

4. When and Why did you join etsy?
We joined in January of this year. We're still learning as we go, but we're having so much fun with it.

5. What have you learned about yourself during your business endeavor in selling on etsy?
I'm still learning, because even with any education and experience, I believe learning is an ongoing thing (or, at least, it should be) throughout life. But one thing's for sure, I have a new appreciation for photography. Taking good pictures (I mean, REALLY good pictures) is tough (I'm still playing with lighting all the time - and it's a battle)!!!

6. What do you do by day when you're not etsy's justByou?
I'm a stay-at-home-mom, and I have been since my youngest was diagnosed with severe eczema when he was 2 1/2 months old.

9. What are some of your favorite pieces?
Some of my favorite pieces would be anything from the mood jewelry line, and we just launched a new section called "Handmade by the KIDS," where all the items are done by only the kids. There will be more in that section very soon. =)

11. Explain how you got started in your craft.

When I was younger, my mom had a gift/candy/jewelry shop (a brick-and-mortar, not online). I worked in that shop for many years and did craft shows with her. It was fun. She's a big inspiration for me. I've always been a little crafty (not in the way of sewing or knitting - I'm not that talented - but in other ways). Since I became a stay-at-home-mom, I got into creating...STUFF. Anything, really. Jewelry, beading, scrapbooking, making cards, recycling or upcycling into fun things. I started doing these kinds of things with the kids, and we all just have a blast with it. We bounce off of each other's creativity.

13. Is your craft your job or your hobby? (explain)
It's definitely a hobby that just might be quickly turning into something more. We're really starting to sell our creations to more people now. Our Etsy shop is still in its early stages, but hopefully we'll start spreading the word for online sales too. Who knows?

17. What are some of your favorite shops?
One of my most favorite shops is Pernillas Something Swedish, -- and I think it's because her shop reminds me a lot of my mom's when I was younger.

18. What else would you like to say about anything and everything including yourself and/or your craft? We offer different items at justByou, not just jewelry. We want all our pieces to show a little personality so that the buyers can express their personalities. So, custom orders are always fun!!!

We also work as a family. It's great to work together as a team and make something for someone. The kids are so much a part of the process that they really feel a sense of accomplishment when a project of ours is complete. So, when you buy an item from us, please know that it's a team effort and not just me using my own creativity.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Here are some great articles to read please!!!!

Racial Profiling in Law Enforcement:
great article to read and learn something new!!!

Free Local Advertising in Pittsburgh (WELL ANYWHERE)

great for anyone who wants to increase shop traffic and sales without spending a lot or anything!

European Egg Art: Pysanky Vs. Lithuanian Etched Eggs
awesome article if you want to understand a little bit more about the art I do and it's differences from psyanky egg art!

Please check them out and write your comments here or after the articles!! thanks!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

SOTW - TurtleXIII - Blog Feature

EVERYONE - I'd like you to meet this blog's FIRST Shop of the Week!!


Her jewelry is amazing and her personality is even more vibrant! Please read about her and take a look at her amazing shop! There is so much I want to buy from her!

Hi, I’m Elizabeth of I am a 29 year old female who works as a physical therapist assistant during the day, and designs and creates jewelry at night and on the weekends.

I chose my shop name because turtles are my favorite animals, thirteen is my favorite number, and my shop sells the results of my favorite hobby. So it’s all about my favorites, and I hope my jewelry will become favorites of others.

My husband has been encouraging me to sell my jewelry for quite awhile, and I finally decided to give it a try on Etsy. I joined on December 27, 2009. Right now it is a way for me to pay for all the beads I love to buy, but I hope to find success and make a living (at least part time) from it one day. I sell my creations because I love being able to bring people a little bit of happiness, and jewelry always fits!!

From this experience I have learned a little bit of self-confidence. I have received many compliments from many people, strangers and friends & family alike. I am learning how to promote my jewelry and myself. I’ve learned that people love having high quality pieces, and they are happy to pay what the items are really worth. I love working with sterling silver, knowing that it is quality and won’t leave people green or with a rash, and I’m glad that there is a market for me.

So far I have only had a few sales on Etsy, but the feeling is amazing! I have no difficulties parting with my items. I love wrapping them up and making them beautiful for the recipient. I love knowing that they will have something beautiful to unwrap and enjoy for years to come. The best part of Etsy for me so far has been the people I have met through the forums. Though I have never met these people I feel great love and support from them. They all help me to gain more confidence and broaden my horizons.

My style tends to be more simple, elegant, feminine design. Understated with a touch of glam and sparkle. Using solid sterling silver components gives me the assurance that my pieces are strong and will last a long time. Wire wrapping not only gives a unique, pretty appearance, it also decreases the likelihood of things breaking. And in the off chance that they do, you won’t lose an entire necklace of beads. I tend to be shy and kind of a wallflower. I think that comes out in my jewelry being understated. But once you get to know me, I am quite outgoing and sarcastic. The outgoing part of my personality plays a part in the sparkle I love to add with the swarovski crystals.

My parents got me jewelry making lessons for one of my birthdays; it was to learn simple bead weaving. I was maybe 12 years old. I made a bunch of earrings and wore them for years. Then I basically stopped making jewelry because I didn’t know what else to do. Later on in college I started making jewelry again. About 5 years ago, my now mother-in-law, taught me to wire wrap. It’s all snowballed from there. I fell in love with making jewelry again and now had enough knowledge to finally make some amazing pieces. And people started noticing and coveting my jewelry.

My workspace is a mess! I have stuff everywhere. Currently I use the guest room as my workspace. So I sit on my futon with a folding table and two shelving units full of goodies. I have quite a few boxes and bins to organize my beads, but I have more beads than room, so they are all over the place! I am also just learning to work with polymer clay and hope to be able to make my own beads soon. And to round out the crafting mess, I collect scrapbooking supplies. I won’t say I’m a scrap booker, since I have only completed 2 pages, but I have all the things I need for 4 albums! Maybe one day. The room also has my exercise bike, so it is a true multipurpose room. I guess if I hit a wall I can just hop on the bike and pedal my frustrations away.

Here are some of my favorite creations:
These earrings I made for myself for my wedding, but never wore them. My husband’s grandmother had left some jewelry for “Kareem’s future wife” and one pair matched my dress perfectly, so I wore those instead.
These I made, with my sister in mind. She loves hearts and purple, and I saw these beads and knew she would love them.
This bracelet is just bright and happy. It reminds me of all the new flowers blooming in spring.

Here are some of my favorite shops:
Of course this shop! Her eggs are so unique and phenomenal what else can I say?
Wonderful supply shop, very nice couple, they gave me some great advice and assistance when I was just starting out.
Amazing desk d├ęcor. Wonderful person. Glad I met her!


Check out this article I got published!!!
Ten great tips on how to get your shop noticed for free (or almost)

please share the link with others!!!!

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PUBLISHED ARTICLE! - Pysanky v. Etched eggs

check out this article I wrote about the differences between pysanky and Lithuanian etched eggs...

comment please with your questions and opinions!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010


shop of the week winner is TutrleXIII!!!!

check back in the next couple days for the next poll!!!

check out this blog/store please


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POLL FOR THE WEEK! Vote on your Favorite Shop!

Check out these five shops and vote for which you'd like to see a week feature on the seller, artist, and shop! Poll is on the right ----------------------->

Follow the blog and vote!! Get your friends to follow and vote!!

(sells unique crystal and glass desk decor also known as paperweight art0
(sells hats for every season)
(sells sewn one-of-a-kind tablecloths, placemats, aprons, bedspreads, comforters, pillows, etc.)
(sells one of a kind jewelry)
(sells handmade sterling silver jewelry. Elegant, sparkly, sexy)


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SOTW Trying new idea

I think I'm going to try to feature people on this blog for etsy.

If you are interested...
1. follow my blog
2. comment on this post with youre whop link (
3. one sentence with what you sell

thanks a lot
i'll convo on etsy the people who get into the voting poll for this!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

check me out on this blog!!

I got featured on this blog.... please check it out!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Check out this giveaway!!!

will repost over the Easter Break!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Check out the new listings!

Thanks for the support in helping to get my word out!

Here are a few new listings added to etsy today!!

thanks for looking!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

GOALS of this Lithuanian Egg Art Blog

I'm a law student in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

When I have some free time I love to do several types of crafts. One of my more frequent crafting adventures is with egg art from Lithuania. I'm Lithuanian and over the years in growing up my mother showed my sisters and I several different European crafts.

Scratching dyed eggs because my niche. I hand dye draw and etch all different kinds of eggs with numerous designs.

Recently I started trying my hand at selling these eggs online. I realized not many people know about Lithuanian Egg art. Psyanky is the celebrity in egg crafting while different (just as beautiful) techniques exist.

I hope to through this blog and my etsy account advertise and sell these eggs.

With the limited time I have as a student I hope to post eggs created by myself and mom (she does another Lithuanian technique of "drop and pull" wax eggs), and if lucky post histories, how to's, and so on

please check this blog and etsy often and PLEASE PLEASE contact me with any questions, ideas, or anything really. :)


Selling on Etsy


Im a law student in Pittsburgh PA... while studying and surviving law school I also work on Lithuanian eggs that I sell on ETSY!

please check out my store... im trying to promote the crafts my family and I do.

Selling Eastern European (Lithuanian) scratched eggs, and other crafts.

Look at my items, I hope you enjoy them.
I hand select, empty, dye, freehand draw, and scratch these eggs.
Egg types range from small bantam chicken eggs up to goose eggs.

YES! every egg is real and hollow!
These are not wooden eggs.
They have been dyed then etched with a blade.
The technique is very old and a part of my Lithuanian heritage.

My family and I are extremely connected to our roots and engage in many of the traditions and crafts connected with our culture.
Not only do I etch eggs, but I learned how to make Lithuanian straw ornaments and my sister and mother make them on a regular basis to sell as well.

I hope you enjoy looking and shopping on my site and will contact me with any question you have about this almost lost art!


Have a great day!

My email is