Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Helping the Hectic Feature!

Here is the first feature for the "Helping the Hectic" Etsy team!

Nickala Best is a bio-chemistry student using crafting as her stress relief! Her items are wonderful and a great shop to check out for Spring! Here is some insight into a new and wonderful craft shop working studying and crafting 24/7!

1.Where do you get your
inspiration from?

Magazines, clothes, the internet, people watching at university/the city (this one is my favorite!)

2. What is your age:

20yrs old

3. What is your shop(S) name:


4.Do you only sell on etsy or do you go to
craft shows as well Only on etsy

5. Is there an item you have made that has significant meaning to you and why.

Anything that I make for Nammar (my grandmother) as she has such an ecclectic and intersting style, I love making crazy combination things for her, and she fully appreciates a one of kind hand made item.

6. How did you first get the idea to make what you are making now?

I have just always made th
ings. Jewellery, clothes, I've even attempted furniture. I don't think I can pinpoint a time when I got the idea.

7. Do you ever change your “craft style”? Example jewelry to ceramics?

I've changed my style over the years, and so my craft has followed that. I used to use a lot of beads when I was younger, now I prefer to use different
metals and fabric and ribbon and things that I find.

8. How do you feel about buying and selling handmade items

Everyone should do it! Not only do you get something awesome and unique, more often than not its of a much higher quality and you are supporting someone who is doing what the love.

9. What is your favorite material to work with?

There is a big variety. Ribbon, metal, fabric, I really love my glue as well. I've also just discovered sculpy, and it's very quickly gaining favour!

10. How long have you been in your craft?

Forever, but only selling on etsy since 2008.

11. What is one message you would like to get out to the world about what you do?

That it is one of a kind, and no one in the whole world will ever have one like it again. That it is something truly unique.

12. Do you have a “day job” and if you do… what is it?

I am a Biochemistry and Chemistry student, moonlighting as a bed linen saleswoman.

13. How has your work developed throughout the years?

I include more materials, and am better at coming up with ingenious solutions to getting something to stay where it should!

14. Did you ever feel like giving up before you got to where you are today?

With etsy, definitely. Between university and work fitting even a small amount of making in is soo difficult, sometimes I just couldn't make it

15. How do you feel when people interpret your work differently than you?

Excited! Makes me wonder 'why didn't I think of that'!

16. What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

The hard work is rewarded when you see someone excited to have something you've made. Totally worth it.

17. Who first inspired you to begin crafting?

All the women in my family, who are the most creative nut jobs I k
now. Never, ever a dull moment with any of them and you couldn't ask for a better bunch of women.

18. Do you have a space for your work area or do you craft anywhere?

At my desk when I clear up the textbooks. It's in a lovely sunny corner of the house.

19. What are your favorite childhood memory involving arts?

Running around my grandmothers work and looking at the nudes, my Mum making a horse letterbox, and my brother and I sitting down to make trum
pets and pirate ships out of toilet rolls and egg cartons. And there are sooo many more...

20. What does your personal style (living space clothing ect…) Reflect anything you make?

My personal style definitely, I don't make anything I would wear/use myself.

21. Do you have any sales coming up?

I'll have a 21st birthday sale! May 16 only, 50% off!

22. What are your favorite shops on Etsy?

Oh, I don't want to pick! Some I love to look at are GothFoxDesigns, TaylorSays, wickedminky, UntamedManagerie

23. Do you have a blog, Twitter, Facebook Fanpage?

I have a recently created facebook! www.facebook.com/Acidmousse, I would love to see everyone there! Thanks very much for the interview!


  1. What a nice feature (and shop!) and I'm kind of jealous of that workspace. :)

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  3. Thanks so much again for having me! It's so exciting to see and was fun with the qu's.

    ps. The desk was a gift from my mum, she got it for $20 from ebay!

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    Carol from Carol's Jewelry Orchard

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