Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome to Egg Central Station

Welcome to Egg Central Station! Above you will see the numerous eggs, most dyed and ready fro action, with several also etched and waiting for a home. Here at Egg Central eggs are continually emptied and dyed. The goal is to have as many colors available as possible to etch. All sizes and kinds of eggs are made available in the egg purchasing process.

During this tour of the Egg Central Station area, I will explain some exciting information of the egg process. First, eggs must be purchased. The grocery store is a great place to start. For more exotic eggs, local farmers as well as the internet can provide additional resources. However, the most purchased etched egg is the traditional chicken egg.

As a result, when a sale on eggs occurs, Egg Central Station launches its egg
procurement forces...

The state of the refrigerator is one of egg domination! Though several dozens have already been emptied and consumed, there will be many more quiche to go before returning to a non-egg dominated diet.

As eggs are emptied and consumed (we try our best NOT to throw away eggs needlessly)
new colors are added to the egg army at Egg Central.

All eggs stay together in order to keep in mind what color is running out and what color would next go best with the current tenants of the egg cartons.

Though Egg Central is a small station, production stays at a steady 3-4 eggs nightly. However, when the Card Making Factory, a sister company to Egg Central, is in full swing, some production decrease can occur.

Efforts have been made with the head organizer of Egg Central to boost the reach of Egg Central's products. Craft shows in Pittsburgh as well as North East Pennsyl
vania has made this production shift into overload. In the next 4 weeks or so, Egg Central will be cranking (hopefully not CRACKING) out eggs for over 5 shows!
Speaking of cranking out eggs, Easter is soon coming, making this the most important time of year for Egg Central! The Easter Bunny will soon need eggs for decoration, gifts, fun, and more! To stay with the spirit of the season, Egg Central has its own MASCOT!

Not quite the Easter Bunny, but excited for the work, Sir Didymus is the symbol of fluffy fun here at Egg Central! She hops all over the place, excited to be a part of the egg production. She sometimes forgets her floppy ears at home, but we are glad to have her as a part of the Egg Central Family.

As time moves closer to Easter, the eggs will continue to move from the food stage to colored to the final etched stage!

**Most packaging materials are packed away daily in order to keep the residual munching from Sir Didymus to a minimum.

Thank you for visiting Egg Central Station and We hope you had a lovely tour!


  1. Great article, love Sir Didymus :)

    You can freeze your egg innards can't you teener? If you scramble them first? I keep egg beaters in the freezer until I need them.

    I can't imagine eating that many eggs LOL


  2. These are fantastic pictures!!! I especially like Sir Didymus - she is soooo cute!!! You are a very energetic young lady!!! Your eggs are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  3. Wow, you are a busy lady! I love your Easter Bunny....does he have any Cadbury Eggs?!?!

  4. AWESOME! Thanks for the tour. It was so much fun. Glad you included the Easter Bunny too. =)