Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well, a week has passed and a winner has been picked. Over the past week I received 28 comments and 21 new followers! Thank you everyone for following and promoting the giveaway! Since I received less than 50 new followers, the prize is a chicken egg in any color with a floral design!

A winner has been selected my the winner of a floral chicken egg in a color of her choice is....



A new follower and a great blogger! Congratulations to Aulani!!! I will be contacting you through your blog. If you see this you may also email me at (subject line EGG WINNER)

Thank you everyone for participating!!! Keep checking out my blog for new giveaways, promotions, Shop features, and more!!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Giveaway Challenge!!

It's time for a Spring Giveaway!!! I will be giving the lucky winner a scratched egg from my shop! The egg will be floral, and the color will be chosen by the winner. The winner will receive a gift box and wooden stand for the prize egg!

How to gain entries:
** You can enter in an unlimited amount of times!!! **
Here's your options:

1. If you are not yet following my blog, follow my and comment on this post that you are a new follower.
2. Post this blog post on your facebook and put in a separate comment in the post with the link.
3. Tweet this blog post on your Twitter and put in a separate comment in the post with the tweet link.
4. ALSO if you send someone who follows the blog and they put in their comment your name that you sent them, you will get an additional entry.


If I get over 50 followers, I will upgrade the egg to a goose egg with flowers all over it.... in sugar plum!

Let the games begin!!!!

This giveaway will last one week! I will post the winner after the week is up.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Made it Market - April 2 Show - Glass Lofts

The show went pretty well!!! As promised I took some photos of the show. I did not have the opportunity to take pictures of everything, but I will try to take more next week at the next craft show.

Yesterday went well! I got my display up quickly and I think it looked pretty good if I do say so myself. I invested in a couple new bird displays. I like how the colors and heights are all different but still compliment each other nicely. My next goal is to find some nice bowls to sell sets of eggs together in.

There was diverse
artists with some WONDERFUL items! From weaving newspaper plastic bags into rugs, to leather work, woodwork, and wonderful jewelry, I enjoyed being among these wonderful crafters!

The crafter next to me had some fantastic reworked jewelry with a Gothic and vintage feel. Her displays were wonderful! I had fun talking with her during the day and eying her items for something to buy myself as a prize next week.

Not only were her items
lovely, but I had the pleasure of seeing a fantastic crafter's loom! Sher takes the plastic bags your newspapers come in and weaves them into rugs! She can even point out every newspaper with it's proper bag based on the bag's color. I find that amazing. She receives donations from individuals from out of state as well as local donations! It's great that she is part of a movement to recycle and reuse materials that so often are trashed, creating excessive pollution. She will be at another festival at the end of April for crafters who reuse and recycle in their craft! I hope to attend in order to see all the wonderful crafts as well as shop for some items of my own!

Another girl makes hair clips out of keys from old computer keyboards. Items too old for current use, but without an easy recycling process, such equipment lands in good wills or dumpsters. She takes this unwanted materials and makes a cute and useful accessory any trend setting person would love to own!

I need to grow out my hair in order to buy
one of these! It's a goal :)

Some wonderful fabric artists were also at this event.
I found a great array of fabric purses, great for the Spring hanging and ready for purchase! I wish I had a partner in crime at the show so I would of had time to run around and purchase items with the money I made at the show. Sadly, I was on my own. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise, because I wanted so many items. Even I items I did not have a chance to photograph.

Here are a few other photos of great items and displays from the show:

Friday, April 1, 2011

Crazy Busy!! Craft Show #1 Tomorrow

Most of you know already, but in case you didn't, tomorrow is my first of three craft shows this month! Each show will get larger and larger. Tomorrow's craft show has 20 vendors. Next week's has 30 and the final week's show has over 50 vendors selling crafts!

All these shows will be Spring themed. I hope my eggs will be well received at each show. I worry about being prepared and making enough sales to not be disappointed with the time I put in on preparation.

I have three different kinds of eggs for this show. First, I have the traditional scratched eggs you have seen on here countless times. Also, I have wax "drop and pull" eggs made by my mother. Finally, I have a new technique. Eggs dyed with a plant or flower pressed against the shell. The effect is that on a pressed look with surrounding color. I will post photos of them soon. In addition, I have cards and earrings to sell.

The cards I hope to make a big hit with. I have 24 now, maybe 30 before the day is over. Earrings did not do so well last show, but I am confident I will have some interested buyers tomorrow. Rob made several pairs of earrings, and he does a much better job than me. :)

My main concern about the craft show is not having enough items, but rather, having everything I need. For example, I do not have my containers organized yet. As a result I do not have all my price signs together. The ribbon and scissors are missing and the wire for making cards into ornaments is not where it should be.

It is all a matter of gathering together. I am a good gatherer, but I also want to craft a few last minute items tonight. Looks like I will have to "hire" Rob to do some gathering work for me. I'll have to pay him in quiche... though he made all the quiche :P

Wish me luck tomorrow! I'll be sure to update! Hopefully with pictures! Oh... better remember the camera!