Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Introducing Yourself On Tape - What to Say in Self Promotion!

Recently I was given the wonderful opportunity to be videotaped talking about my egg craft as well as demonstrating it. It will be on a Pittsburgh craft website as a series of introductions to local crafters in the city.

When starting the process I thought I would have no problem, that I could natur
ally speak in front of the camera and the process would go by so quickly and smoothly I wouldn't even break a sweat. Boy was I wrong!

Not only would I freeze in front of the camera, I would get down on myself for not saying the right thing or stumbling over m
y words. I wanted to make the video perfect, but at the same time I didn't think it necessary for me to dwell on the tapping until the day had arrived.

I decided to share some tips I was given by the wonderful women working with me that day in order to help anyone else who ever has to deal wit
h preparing to either speak to a group about their crafts, get videotaped, or even just to talk to people while at a craft show.


1. Make sure you talk about yourself! - When I started talking I assumed all people cared about were my eggs. However, this is very untrue! People want to know
about YOU too! They want to know why you make your craft, how long you have been making it, why you do it, how it makes you feel, how you make the time, and anything else you can think of! People really want to be able to put a face to the craft item they may buy from you. To remember you and talk about the artist with others when showing off their purchase makes the fact it was handcrafted all the more special.

2. Talk slowly - I realized I can talk a mile a minute, and it may sound perfect to me, sometimes others are still trying to put together one sentence I said while I'm finishing up the next. I was told to pause after two or three sentences. It forces you to slow down and allows people to really understand everything you are saying.

3. Make eye contact - Whether you are being videotaped or talking with people, eye contact is important. Make sure to take the time to look at who you are talking to. If you are demonstrating a craft, stop for a little bit to explain what you have done. If possible, letting people touch your project also connects them more with what you are making. I realize this can't happen with all crafts, but sometimes even having a reject item for people to handle is a great substitute.

4. Think about it in advance - One of the most important things to do it to thi
nk about the interview or just possible conversations that may arise at a show. Think about answers to questions like how long have you been crafting, what do you love best about it, and so on. Make questions you think people will as, or if you are doing an interview, ask what kind of questions you can expect. The more you think about it and practice answering the questions out loud, the better you will be when the time comes!

I hope this helps out. I find that more and more people are shy (like mys
elf) though they are secretly outgoing, and their crafts reveal that. However one of the best promotional tools we have is talking to others ourselves. Word of mouth can only go so far, it's your mouth and what you say that will best aid your sales and image people have of you!


  1. Great advice! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice tips that can be applied to about any speaking setting!

  3. Oh my, I never considered that they would want to hear about me in addition to my craft. Great tips, thank you!

  4. Hi, since I am Lithuanian I am very excited to see your blog and will be checking out your eggs of course.

  5. Enjoyed the read. These are really helpful tips!

  6. All those tips are so good. I was on TV once during my school years. It was a life TV and it was hard.

  7. Very good tips! I'm such a chicken when it comes to talking about what I do.

  8. Wow, simple yet very important. thanks for this post. i can't get enough advice.

    I love your eggs! they remind me on my childhood. as a child i would decorate eggs with my mom using alternating layers of wax and dye... my mom did etch sometimes too... (i grew up in eastern germany)

  9. great tips!! im sure you did well! :)

  10. Good ideas. Good for interviews, presentations and social situations.

  11. Thank you for the helpful tips!
    I am sure you did good with the interview!

  12. Great advice. I've been in the same situation and your tips are all good.

  13. Love your blog. It's beautiful. And this is a terrific article. Good tips for any kind of speaking.

  14. Congrats! That is so nerve-wracking! I am extremely video-shy and try to avoid being recorded at all times :) The thought of watching the video is just painful!

  15. Thanks for the post!

    Mandy from Inspired Designs

  16. Thanks for this info! Maybe when I am rich and famous, I will thank you then too!

  17. Now if you could just tell me how not to break out in a sweat, I would be good!!! Great tips.