Friday, March 3, 2017

Egg Buying Bonanza

Now that I have a craft show this Sunday in Pittsburgh, I am working on eggs every spare minute I have.  As a result, there is little time for cleaning, cooking, organizing, or purging items for the infamous "Spring Cleaning." 

I have been dying the egg shells I collected over the past year.  I have over 600 eggs in the basement, cleaned and ready for an egg dye bath.  

In order to collect that many eggs, Rob and I tend to cook eggs for breakfast more than any other breakfast food staple.  We blow out the eggs as often as possible, though truth be told our favorite way to eat eggs is over easy.  What a bummer it is that I cannot empty an egg in a way that the yolk remains in tact.  Oh well.  

In addition, I love to bake cookies, cakes, and other yummy treats that require eggs.  Quiche will be the last ditch effort to use up eggs that have built up in the refrigerator. 

At this moment, I am trying to hold back from buying 4-6 dozen each time I visit the grocery store.  Sometimes I just forget about reality, and get lost in buying dozens and dozens of eggs.  My hope is always that I will have unlimited time to sit and etch 200 eggs this season, try countless new designs, and develop a new technique to improve my current artwork. 

Sometimes the conveyor belt at the store looks like this: 

Maybe today I will buy more eggs against my better judgment. 

Stay tuned for some photos of the completed egg collection I have ready for Sunday's show.  I am over 150 eggs at this point.  It took months for me to get this far, and who knows how many more eggs I can get done during this early Pre-Spring months. 

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