Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Reading Terminal Market

Sometimes I need to take continuing legal education for areas of law in which I practice or have an interest.   Some of these classes are held in larger cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.  Normally courses that far away have a video portal in other areas of Pennsylvania so attorneys from smaller areas, like me, have an easier time attending these classes.  However, sometimes, that is not an option. 

Yesterday I had a class in Philadelphia.  This is the first time I drove to Philadelphia by myself.  I was lucky enough to stay in a hotel extremely close to the class and right next to the Reading Terminal Market! 
I was extremely excited to see this market and buy fresh cheese, meat, pastry, and more!

I got to the market before it opened.  As a result, I walked around outside and took numerous pictures.  

I finally got in at 8:00 exactly.  The first thing I see is... DONUTS!

Not only were there countless kinds of donuts, but they were making the donuts right in front of you!  I bought a Dutch Crumb Donut.  It was amazing!!! I actually bought 2, but I didn't want to sound too indulgent... Okay, I bought three... 

As I walked around, I saw amazing cheeses and baked goods.  I bought enough cheese to kill a lactose intolerant man.  But he would have died with a huge smile on his face! 

By the way, these Almond Horns, were... TO DIE FOR! I have to find the recipe!

Finally, I found the EGG STAND! 
Fresh chicken eggs of all kinds, colors, and shapes from a poultry farm! 

Unfortunately, I was unable to carry eggs all day in my cooler, but I took a couple photos to remember the awesome stand.  

In the end, I cannot wait to go back to Philadelphia, just for the Reading Terminal Market!

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