Monday, March 20, 2017

First Day of Spring!

First Day of Spring!! This means if egg artists have not been in full swing, they certainly are now!  Egg items are in stores for Easter, chicken eggs are flying off the shelves at grocery stores, and farmers are making a killing with their egg sales.  

Everyone is looking for chicken, duck, goose, turkey, and other types of eggs.  More and more articles are coming out about how to cook with eggs, how to store eggs, and all around egg information and recipes.  

Quiche once again has become a popular french dish to prepare and serve (and not just for breakfast and brunch).  

I personally bought goose and turkey eggs from an egg farm and recently received them.  I even bought my first rhea egg to tackle.  

Although I am a fan of fall and winter, the beginning of Spring has its own appeal.  The air is crisp and I can smell life.  Even the smell of dirt smells amazing because it is teaming with potential.  Soon the last of the snow will be gone, buds will form, and grass will grow.  Green will emerge and colors will come back to the world.  The flowers will come up, and the idea of an afternoon stroll with the dog sounds like the best idea one could possibly have.  

I am an impatient person.  I want immediate gratification.  Spring could not come sooner.  Should it race here over night, wearing bells and whistles, I would wake up one happy camper. 

Right now, my goals are grand and impractical.  I hope to etch eggs with all my spare time, and reap the pleasures of Spring as soon as they present themselves.  We shall see how much I accomplish and enjoy in the days to come.  

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