Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2nd Shop of the Week justByou


1. Whats your shop name?
Our shop name is justByou. We wanted something that would let us be creative with all the different types of items we offer.

2. Introduce yourself.
My name is Kim, and I've got three great kids who help me in the creation of all our items. I use their ideas and suggestions to create each piece in our shop. We live in Northern California, and we have fun creating and finishing projects together as a family.

3. Why do you do what you do on etsy?
We've made items for people in the past and sold them, and then it was suggested by a customer we try it out online. So that's what we're doing with Etsy, and it's fun. =)

4. When and Why did you join etsy?
We joined in January of this year. We're still learning as we go, but we're having so much fun with it.

5. What have you learned about yourself during your business endeavor in selling on etsy?
I'm still learning, because even with any education and experience, I believe learning is an ongoing thing (or, at least, it should be) throughout life. But one thing's for sure, I have a new appreciation for photography. Taking good pictures (I mean, REALLY good pictures) is tough (I'm still playing with lighting all the time - and it's a battle)!!!

6. What do you do by day when you're not etsy's justByou?
I'm a stay-at-home-mom, and I have been since my youngest was diagnosed with severe eczema when he was 2 1/2 months old.

9. What are some of your favorite pieces?
Some of my favorite pieces would be anything from the mood jewelry line, and we just launched a new section called "Handmade by the KIDS," where all the items are done by only the kids. There will be more in that section very soon. =)

11. Explain how you got started in your craft.

When I was younger, my mom had a gift/candy/jewelry shop (a brick-and-mortar, not online). I worked in that shop for many years and did craft shows with her. It was fun. She's a big inspiration for me. I've always been a little crafty (not in the way of sewing or knitting - I'm not that talented - but in other ways). Since I became a stay-at-home-mom, I got into creating...STUFF. Anything, really. Jewelry, beading, scrapbooking, making cards, recycling or upcycling into fun things. I started doing these kinds of things with the kids, and we all just have a blast with it. We bounce off of each other's creativity.

13. Is your craft your job or your hobby? (explain)
It's definitely a hobby that just might be quickly turning into something more. We're really starting to sell our creations to more people now. Our Etsy shop is still in its early stages, but hopefully we'll start spreading the word for online sales too. Who knows?

17. What are some of your favorite shops?
One of my most favorite shops is Pernillas Something Swedish, pernillasSS.etsy.com -- and I think it's because her shop reminds me a lot of my mom's when I was younger.

18. What else would you like to say about anything and everything including yourself and/or your craft? We offer different items at justByou, not just jewelry. We want all our pieces to show a little personality so that the buyers can express their personalities. So, custom orders are always fun!!!

We also work as a family. It's great to work together as a team and make something for someone. The kids are so much a part of the process that they really feel a sense of accomplishment when a project of ours is complete. So, when you buy an item from us, please know that it's a team effort and not just me using my own creativity.


  1. JustBYou is a great shop! I'm glad to see it featured here! And a wonderful blog overall, I will be following!

  2. It looks great, Chrissy! Thanks for the opportunity! =)

  3. What a wonderful interview. I love how the questions give such insight into the personality behind the shop.
    And because a favorite shop was featured here I have discovered this fabulous blog.

  4. Great interview with a great shop! I love the fact that just B you is a family shop and the kids are involved! :)

  5. This is a GREAT intervju & I am so glad to see that Kim have my Shop as one of her favorites! Thank You! :)

    justByou is my favorite shop too & i Love how all their creations are made by the whole family! Everything in the shop looks FANTASTIC & I LOVE your blog!

    Many Smiles, Pennie :)

  6. Enjoyed the interview and love justByou jewelry - it's different and imaginative. Good choice.


  7. what a nice lady justbyou is, and her family sounds as fun and creative as she is. Thank you for this interview and your blog.

  8. Great shop and very talented Etsy artist!

  9. JustByou, great interview. My favorite section of your shop is where the items of the kids are listed. I found huge inspiration from this. My little boy is growing very fast and would love to introduce him to the craft world as soon as he knows how to scribble lol.