Monday, April 3, 2017

Mondays... Why Have Them?

Mondays... Am I right? Why do we have to have Mondays?

After a two craft show weekend, this particular Monday was particulary hard to get through.

This past weekend my kom, sister, and I went to Rockville Maryland and Uniontown Pennsylvania.  I had an amazing time in Uniontown!  The Eggstravaganza was so much fun!

I bought tools, amazing food, and some great egg shells.

Take a look at some of the photos and mark your calendars for March 18, 2018!

This awesome guy and his mom had wonderful pysanky eggs as well as white and green chicken eggs for sale!  My mom and I ended up buying some eggs for crafting! 

Did I mention the baked goods were spectacular!  I bought far too many cookies, but I am not complaining.  There were even cookies with amazing piped icing making pysanky egg cookies!!!

** I ended up adding to my collection with one of these items! The middle egg with a bank of red flowers.  I have it hanging at home! I love his work!!

Aren't these spiky eggs cool? I had to share this new style of egg art! It's a great idea to gets kids interested!

My mom and sister are great helpers! My mom's eggs looked amazing in the new egg carrier display she purchased.  My sisters photos of Lithuanian and Easter eggs made some popular greeting cards!

Larry came with his countless eggs! I can't believe he has this many ready for sale!!! Great job Larry!!

My sister and I ate soup and cookies, hung out, and had an all around blast!

I was excited to see this modern marvel... an EGG MOBILE!  I thought I was gaga over eggs, but these ladies put me to shame! Loved this car and told my husband that our next car needs to have an egg on the side! He's skeptical. 

The craft show was full of egg artists, egg supplies, great food, and even more amazing people!  As always, I cannot wait to come back to Uniontown, Pennsylvania.  March 18, 2018 here we come!

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