Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter... Paska... Old Egg Designs... and Egg Games!

Easter is finally over! The eggs were made, the food was prepared, and the day was bright! 

I had an amazing Easter this year with my family.  Although my husband could not be there because he had work, we still had a great day! 

This year I tried something new and made Paska bread for my family at the request of my sister Carol!  The bread turned out great!  We even took pictures with some of my older eggs! 

Isn't it funny how your designs and technique changes over time?  My old eggs are so different!  I forgot half the designs my mom has saved in her cabinet.  

I will recreate the tri-section Easter egg I have no done for at least 5 years!  I remember the border being a pain in the butt to shade to white.  Now that I have less problems with that, I think it is time to resurrect the design (pun totally intended).  You can see the design below next to the golden bird.  The purple egg with the Lamb of God.

What Easter traditions do you do with eggs?  

We play the egg cracking game!  This year I was the victor! My egg held up against everyone.  Some will say I cheated.  Sore losers I say! In the end the winner can keep and eat all the cracked eggs because it is a traditional treat you avoided during Lent.  Today, we keep the eggs for egg salad.  Normally you decorate the eggs for the game.  My mom and sister did the traditional drop and pull craft on the eggs.  They were lovely! They are under the flower arrangement in the next photo!

In the end, Easter was a success!  I cannot wait to get back to egg etching after I clean up the flour covered kitchen and get a few things put away! 

I hope to hear some great Easter/egg stories from you!  

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  1. Good to hear that it was really good time you spent on this easter. I haven't tried Paska bread yet but it looks good, want to try this out. Can you share complete recipe of it with us