Monday, April 10, 2017

LaSalle Academy Spring Fest

This is the third year in a row that I participated in the LaSalle Academy Sprign Fest.  Although ti is much different than it was 3 years ago (then called the Egg and Art Show), my Mom, sister and I had a fun time. 

As always I worked on eggs during the show and bought a lot of cool stuff!! Not only did I get an awesome straw cake tester, I also bought a handmade wooden chip and dip lazy susan! I now need to have a party with a baked cake and chips and dip.  

I also bought some amazing cupcakes from a culinary graduate who now is a chef at the school!  All his cupcakes were Disney themed.  I bought the red velvet rose cupcake... Beauty and the Beast.  It was fantastic!  I even bought a dozen for the office ladies.  I am sure all will be gone before the end of the day!

Although there may have been less traffic than I would have liked at this craft show, we had a lot of fun, and both my mom and I were able to get a lot of work done with our egg crafts.  She worked on drop and pull eggs and I had a chance to shade many eggs throughout the two day event. 

Now... Easter is coming, and I am excited to get my baking on! 

Don't worry, I will still be working on eggs regularly.

Than green man is coming... I hope to show it to you in a couple days. Stay tuned!


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    1. Thanks Lissie!! I just looked at your website again and your jewelry is amazing! I love the photos you take as well.

  2. Wow, it looks really lovely, so much eggs in one photo. Love your passion, thank you for sharing your moments with us