Monday, April 24, 2017

Let's Meet the Chickens

Rob and I are extremely lucky!  We are friends with some wonderful people!  The McCays are not just fun loving people, they are extremely fun to be around and are all around wonderful giving people! 

About 2 weeks ago Rob and I visited Mike and Lisa McCay to have dinner and spend some quality time with them.  We had a delicious dinner and a great time.  During that visit, Rob and I were introduced to the chickens that lay the green eggs my mom and I use for our crafts.  Mike and Lisa raise a few Aracauna chickens!  These amazing chickens are adorable and they are great egg layers!

These eggs are amazing!  They taste great and they are extremely strong!  If anyone in the north east PA area is in need of some green eggs please lt me know, I will put in touch with the McCays!

Not only were we introduced to the chickens, we were introduced to some new born goats... Yes.. 2-3 days old to be precise! 

Isn't this guy adorable! I have to admit That Rob's picture puts mine to shame... 

I know right? That kid is too cute for words!  I tried to steal him, but I was stopped by none other than the mother...  Am I making that up?  The world may never know... 

After a tasty meal, meeting some adorable animals, and having a great time all around with our friends, we left with some eggs of course and an amazing recipe for earl grey tea liquor!  I cannot wait to try my hand at making it.  

The outdoor cat was a little minx.  She wanted as much attention as her chicken and goat counterparts.  I wanted to try to take her home as well.  Rob told me that it is bad form to attempt to steal people's pets.  I am not so sure he was right, but it kept me at bay.  Watch out Mike and Lisa, when we visit you again, the cat may be coming home with me!