Monday, April 14, 2014

Warm Day Excitement!

Today is one of the warmest days this year for North East Pennsylvania!  I walked during my lunch hour and plan on going to join the YMCA with my sister today. 

Although I do not have a photo update of my egg progress, I am working hard to getting more and more eggs done and orders completed.  I was on a Engagement Retreat this weekend and as a result was not able to focus on any eggs.  I will be working hard this week on several things.  Eggs need to be etched, packages need to be mailed, rooms need to be cleaned up, windows need to be opened to let in fresh new air, and so on. 

When nice days like this happen, thoughts naturally turn to Spring cleaning.  I think when the outdoors begin looking nice, we hope to make our homes reflect that same freshness.  In the winter I burn candles daily in order to imbue the house with pleasant aromas.  Now that Spring is here I want to wash away the winter scents and bring in the floral and fresh smells only Spring can bring.

What is your favorite Spring scent? How do you best start celebrating Spring?


  1. what exactly is an "engagement retreat"?

    1. You go to a hotel with several other couples and are talked to about marriage and getting along and the changes you may face. It really is for people who may not really know much about their fiance, but it has lingered on still. Sometime We can have coffee and some cupckaes and I'll explain in detail.

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