Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Etsy Shop up and Running in Time for Easter!

I am proud to announce that my Etsy shop Art By the Dozen is once again open!
I have 100+ designs listed in the shop, including different egg sizes and colors!  I even have custom listing options should you want something different than what I have to offer.

Everything in the shop is made to order, so your items are garunteed one of a kind and of the best quality.

I am over the moon with excitement regarding my shop.  My family will tell you, that I am still etching and new designs are always developing.  My next goal is to revamp my photos with a light box.  I am already researching options.  Who knows, m birthday is in a few months, maybe that will be what I ask for.

Here are just a few eggs in my shop!

Now it is an important as ever for you to help me with design ideas and color preferences.  I hope to add at least 10 new designs to this shop before May.  I have at least 4 already because of past posts.  The Scottich Thistle will make 5.  The challenge will be to get 5 more designs AND to photograph them all for the shop before the end of April. 
Any design ideas?  Any general ideas? More flowers? More animals?  I am partial to flowers and geometric designs, as obvious as that may be.  However, I also am starting to love animals, like bunnies, foxes, and the like.  Any thoughts or opinions?  Don't leave me hanging...


  1. Congratulations on the opening of your etsy shop - I love everything you do!

  2. Yay for Easter! I love the Lily of the Valley egg! And the color is a favorite of mine, too. That green one above is also lovely. I watched your video - just one question - How did you get used to the etching sound/feel? Or did it never make you cringe? As for design ideas, you should do Utah's state flower, the Sego Lily. It has a cool story behind it, and it's a lovely, unique flower.
    Keep up the beautiful work!

  3. Jessica,

    You know the sound never bothered me. It's funny because I get bothered at the dentist with a very similar sound. For some reason when etching it does not register as a stresser. Most people however do have a hard time with the scraping sound. When I demostrate I usually get that comment from people. I will check out the Sego flower and try to make a new design with it!