Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Etsy Update and New Photo Equipment

What Makes a Great Etsy Photo?

Recently I photographed several new egg designs.  Over the past weekend I had two craft shows.  One in Maryland and the other in the Pittsburgh area.  While at each show I made several new designs.  Each one I wanted to photograph and sell on my Etsy shop.

After completing each egg I attempted to photograph inside with a flash.  Each photograph produced a glare that made viewing the egg impossible and unappealing.  Without the flash, the egg color was dark and muddy.  I normally take photos of my eggs outside in natural bright sunlight.  I thought after moving into my house, I would have the ability to photograph wonderful pictures.  Most of the photos you see on my etsy shop occurred on a small porch attached to my apartment in Pittsburgh.  The opposite it true.  With my full time job and busy weekends, I never have time to photograph during the bright light of day outside.

How do I fix this issue and produce more photos like this?

You buy equipment of course!  I finally bit the bullet and bought these two products on Amazon with money I earned from Cashback Bonus!
The CowboyStudio 30-Inch Photo Soft Box Light and the Vanguard VS-82 Table Top Digital Camera Tripod received good reviews for people photographing smaller items.  Check out each product Here and Here.

I will try to use my own lights before investing in light fixtures to use with these items. 

I started wondering if the majority of sellers use items like these to create better photos.  If fellows sellers do something different, what others tips and techniques work best to improve photographs?  How does one make their items pop in a way that they are prime picks for treasuries and the front page?


  1. Christine!!!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier today. When I saw the name "teener," I knew right away who you were and had to come by your blog and see how you're doing. We lost touch a little bit when the Etsy forums switched a few years ago, but I'm glad to have reconnected via our blogs. I will be sure to go by your Etsy shop later and show it some love too.

    Photos are always something that I've struggled with. My kids have so many creations just waiting for me to be the photographer right now. We have used homemade lightboxes, but ours recently fell apart, and we haven't had the time to make a new one just yet. Is that lightbox you purchased foldable? That would be cool. I might have to look into that. I DO need a tripod, because that would be really helpful. I hope you'll post an update of how you like these products.


  2. thanks for the comment! Yes the box is foldable. I plan on making reviews on each one as time passes.

    I know! I saw your blog and thought oh my goodness I have to check her out again! How is everything? I'm glad to be back on etsy after taking a break. How is etsy for you and how is life in general?

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