Thursday, April 3, 2014

Treasury Fun on Etsy - How Colors Sell Products

After getting back into Etsy I forgot how much fun it is!  I am in love all over again with treasuries.  The above treasury I made over my lunch break today! 

After making the treasury I started thinknig about how important color is in items.  The more rich the color (even the color ivory and have a richness to it) the more appealing it is to viewer.  I found myself taking items out and replaicing them with more and more rich colored items. 

I found myself wanting to purchase half the treasury list! 

The rule I learned after this was that if you plan to sell items online, especially on Etsy, your items must be rich in color, no matter what color your item is.  I will have to alter my photos I think to conform to this rule. 

Why else do you think people love treasuries so much on Etsy?  Do you think they really boost sales? 

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