Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring is in the Air

After a long winter, full of snow and ice, it is great to know that Spring is officially here!  Now we can all focus on flowers, fresh air, walks, and spring cleaning!  I personally am focusing on building up my egg supplies.  As we speak, I am scouring the internest for Dover classic stencils and pictures of bunnies and flowers to spark my imagination.  Even with this full time job during the week days, keeping a house together during the week nights, I try to make time to let my creative juices flow on the weekend.

Today I am in the office, but I hope to work on eggs once I return home.  Here's the plan:

-  Get some work done in the office. (halfway through checking this one off already... woohoo!)

-  Dye 3 dozen eggs (the colors this week are Royal Purple, Tropical Blue, and Pumpkin)

-  Scratch at least 9 eggs (all designs from my order book)

-  Create 1 new design (much harder than it sounds since I am so picky about my designs)

-  Clean up the kitchen island (this sounds easy but you have no seen my kitchen.  This project may be a bog post in itself)

I have no been on here for a long time, but I plan (as I have said in the past) to make regular posts again.  The more I update this blog the more I hope to keep in touch with my egg designs and maybe my house will end up a little cleaner too (probably not).

What Spring goals do you have this week? Leave your comments and maybe we can all accomplish something together!

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