Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Weather!

A Day to be INSPIRED!

Though I want nothing more than to bask in some heat, Mother Nature seems to have different plans. Winter piles itself on the ground and trees all around Pittsburgh. And even though I was hoping to gain inspiration from the pastels of Spring, the frosted whites of winter still possess a beauty I cannot fight against. Here is some inspiration from Winter that has grabbed me:

Even in the extreme cold, colors pop out from the white. With some tweaking, they can look fabulous!


T love finding the hidden colors under the blankets of white! It almost takes away some of the chill!

I hope you get inspired today by the snow and cold and make some warm crafts or art of your own! The possibilities are limitless!


  1. I love winter! Hoping the sun comes out to do some unique winter photos today!

  2. lovely blog! yes i love all the snow! it inspires me!

  3. Living in the Southwest US, we don't see this kind of weather very often. So beautiful. The occasional splash of color is lovely. Mother Nature makes the best art!

  4. Hi, I am glad to find your blog. I am an eggcrafter too. Come see my eggs. We can share our knowledge and techniques:))