Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Photo Layout - Spring Brights!

Now that its time to work on Spring listings I decided to work on my photos for eggs. I needed something lighter than my past pictures that have a lot of black and white in them. Instead, I though it would be great to incorporate the Shabby Chic element of a dusty white. I used white birds and a glass jar of different eggs:

What do you think? I tried my best not to lose the egg in the busier background. Any suggestions to make this better?

The Key to BRIGHT Photos:

I realize how difficult it is to not only change up your current photo style for Etsy listings, but also to change it in a way that benefits you most for the current season. Take my attempts to brighten my photos for Spring... Now that the dark reds and rich greens of Christmas are slowing ceasing, it is time to embrace the lighter more pastel colors of Spring.

One way to do this is to all white and light to your photos. I added shabby chic birds and the light colors of eggs to my photos. I also took the photos only when a lot of light is shining through my window. In addition, I used a sprig og berries to add some dimension, color contrast, and a feel of Spring to the layout.

It took me several tries but I was satisfied with this final product. Even darker eggs pop well with this bright surrounding theme:

In the end, I think this is an effective theme, that is versatile for many shops.

In the end:

Keep it light
Keep it bright
Keep it simple!

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  1. This post is helpful. I'm learning the same thing.