Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thought of the Week #1

And it's time once again to get moving with something. Spring seems far away, but it right around the corner in the salesman's head.

Now that 2011 has come, snowflakes and icicles are a thing of the past even though it is still freezing outside. The thought of little chicks, pastel, bunnies, and the beginning of new life floods my head.

Today's Thought of the Week

1. Start earlier than you think.

Now is the time to start posting for Valentine's Day and Easter! People want to look at items and mull over ideas in their head before purchasing. You will lose business thinking it is okay to post in a couple weeks. People have a hard time making quick decisions when it comes to internet purchases. They think, "Do I really like it? Or am I buying it just to buy something?" "Will I receive it in time?" "Maybe I'd like it more if I could customize it a little."

All these issues cause shoppers to second guess and you... lose the sale! Posting items now allow people to think about your item, question you, ask for a small change, or even ask you to make more if you have only one of an item and someone needs more. I found early postings allow for parents who want one for each child to contact me in time to make that request.

The sooner you list the better chances you have! Also if items sell you have the opportunity to relist them. Who knows, you may have the next best thing in your shop and EVERYONE wants it! Wouldn't it be great to have it out on the market longer?

So today's moral is to list earlier than you think. You have to think about the way you and the majority of people shop online, and time os of the essence!

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